April 28, 2013

An Interlude Of Zen

I knew this whole taking over the world business would be a very hands on endeavor, I just had no idea it'd require so much overtime. So, in lieu of content, here's an oldie* from Incubus. I'd not listen to...
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April 26, 2013

What If You Threw An Orgy And Nobody Came?

That appears to be the result when anti gun owner groups try to rally the people to spontaneously demonstrate, claiming 90% of folk insist on harsher gun owner controls. The idea was that a visible demonstration of proletariat fury would...
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April 22, 2013

Two More Slaps In The Face

The Colorado house will vote on the last two bills of the gun owner control package today. Colorado SB 13-195 requires most training for a concealed carry permit to be conducted in person, as opposed to online. Here's a .pdf...
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April 19, 2013

Patriots Day 2013

In the extended entry you'll find some links and embedded videos relating to events that occurred on Patriots' Day in years past....
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April 18, 2013

Victory You Say?

So Reid has shelved the gun control package after not securing enough votes to pass a background check amendment, or any other gun owner control amendments. Obama and his companions are visibly upset, blaming the nefarious "gun lobby" for interfering...
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April 17, 2013

Pratt Behind The Lines

Here's Larry Pratt of GOA in an interview discussing the current push for gun owner control in the u.S. senate. Here's a full segment from CNN that includes Mr. Pratt discussing the same issues with Wolf Blitzer (Pratt's interview starts...
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April 15, 2013

Just sayin'

Apropos of no date in particular, here's a clip for y'all, from a more civilized era:...
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April 14, 2013


The progressive pantheon has no higher deity than the Victim. Sacred, honored and often unquestionable as most true Victims are deceased. There are some living Victims, and it's arguable that the status of Victim is something the progressives wish to...
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April 13, 2013

Waitin' For The Bus

A suspect in a fatal stabbing on a bus in Denver has been arrested. Witnesses say two men were arguing, and they next thing they knew one of those men got all stabbed. (I assume "transfer center" means "really big...
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April 12, 2013

Self Defense For The Law Abiding

Michael Bane has a post up about Self-Defense in Non-Permissive Environments. It's a good write up for what it is but it's lacking in foresight. I mean he only covers what are good legal options for this round of legislative...
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April 11, 2013

Not Even In The Ballpark

A local TV station did a segment on what items are prohibited from being carried to a Rockies game. While they did point out that chainsaws were verboten and that baseball bats and brooms were permissible accessories they neglected to...
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Where The Devil Is

First, a grammatical pet peeve. Ages ago (during the Danian stage of the Paleocene to be specific) I had a girlfriend with one linguistic tick that drove me up the wall. She habitually eliminated "to be" from a sentence. For...
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April 10, 2013

Dr Malcolm Call Your Office Please

This is an article from a few years back, about plans to build a new buffet line for predators attraction for tourists at a big game preserve here in Colorado: "KEENESBURG — Operators of the Wild Animal Sanctuary are constructing...
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April 09, 2013

Risky Business

Here's a story from The Coloradoan about the hunting boycott of Colorado. "...And I know people are frustrated. We understand that,” Hampton said. 'There’s an outrage, but these new bills will not have an impact on our existing hunting regulations...
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April 08, 2013

Break That Silence Girl

Public servant Degette (D-Plorable) had an intellect malfunction concerning the re-usable nature of magazines. She then doubled down by claiming it was noun confusion and she really meant clips. (I wrote about it here.) The Denver Post, which actually claims...
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April 07, 2013

Diana Doesn't Get It

Via everybody's favorite gun news aggregator (Say Uncle) comes the startling revelation that public servant Dianna Degette (D-spicable) knows not about which she speaks. Here's a clip of the entire exchange:...
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April 06, 2013

A New Yorker On Guns

Take a few minutes to watch the video posted below. It's a young lady from New York discussing her views on gun control....
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April 05, 2013

A Legislative Effort

In some states the republicans have went along with the gun owner control bills being pushed. Here in Colorado that hasn't been the case. Only 1 republican went along with any of the gun owner control bills proposed so far....
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April 04, 2013

McCanns Mentality

Colorado's representative McCann has delayed the introduction of her firearms and mental health bill. Weeks back she planned to introduce it but somehow that was quietly postponed, and now she's holding it up for "extensive revisions". Since no bill is...
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An Indulgence

Gun owners (and those generally in favor of our gun culture) have tried for decades (millenniums if you take the general concept of owning weapons, not just guns per se) to use facts to persuade folks to not punish us...
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April 03, 2013

Yet More On Life Imitating Bad TV

Not only are there recent developments which may be related, but government incompetence (pardon the redundancy) was involved in part of this:...
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The Master Cometh

Obama is coming to town, and the press seems all a tither: Obama to praise Colorado gun control laws Wednesday at Denver Police Academy: "The landmark legislation has made Colorado, a state with a deep western heritage that’s also endured...
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April 02, 2013


There's always some wistful thinking by the uninformed concerning the paradisaical nature of a firearms free world. Some have tried to correct this misplaced rhetoric through imagery. And have tried and tried again. But imagination isn't necessary to correct this...
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