April 05, 2013

A Legislative Effort

In some states the republicans have went along with the gun owner control bills being pushed. Here in Colorado that hasn't been the case. Only 1 republican went along with any of the gun owner control bills proposed so far. And that was just 1 bill that hardly received any attention.

So what I suggest would only be workable where the republicans held firm.

In Colorado all the republicans in the house and senate should stop voting. On anything. Even whether or not to recess or whether or not the sky is blue. At least one, preferably more than one, republican congresscritter should talk to the press every day (and twice on Sundays), repeating the same very simple message - something along these lines:

"The democrat majority has passed a series of bills, and the governor has signed them, that conflict with the constitutional and fundamental Rights of Coloradans. By doing such, they've de-legitimized the entire government of the State of Colorado. A constitution is a contract between the people and the government, and the government has violated that contract. Until this breech of contract is corrected, we will not vote on anything except an immediate repeal of the gun owner control laws the democrats passed in violation of their oaths, two separate constitutions and the Natural Rights of the individuals within this state. Until this constitutional crisis is resolved, Colorado does not have a legitimate state government and we will not be party to deceiving the people of this state. These laws must be repealed, and our constitution restored."

The democrats have enough votes in each chamber to do whatever they want anyway. By not participating the republicans wouldn't be losing any ground since they're outnumbered already. Not pushing forward their own bills or trying to reach agreement on anything (except repeal of the recently passed gun owner control laws) wouldn't cost them that much either, as anything that did pass would have to have at least a few democrats voting with them, so it'd likely have to be democrat approved to have a chance of passing.

Instead of giving them some cover on some issues by having bipartisan support, they should let the democrats own everything.

The upside, if they handle the PR correctly, would be a rebranding of the republican party (at least here in Colorado). They'd be able to cast themselves as the party of freedom, principle and integrity, contrasting with the democrats image of rulers who think the end justifies the means.

It wouldn't grind government to a halt, but it would focus attention on this issue, and create a bunch of heat for the democrats who think this gun owner control business is behind them. It'd be a reminder from now until November of 2014 of why the republicans in each contested race should be the one a Coloradan votes for.

They should take it further - urging tourists not to visit because of these laws, telling people here to break these laws when they can get away with it, saying that moving may be a wise decision for folks living where the cops would actually enforce these heinous decrees, and stating that no LEO who honors his or her oath of office should even attempt to enforce these laws against anyone.

I am unsure of the parliamentary rules, but I'd even go so far as to have only a handful - 2 or 3 - republicans attend the legislative session. If that denied the democrats a quorum so much the better. If any have occasion to speak during a session, they should limit their remarks to urging that a repeal of the gun owner control bills is necessary for the legislature to have any legitimacy, and without it the legislation that is passed is meaningless. Oh, it'd be called "out of order" in a heartbeat, and their could possibly be some form of censure, but let the democrats be seen as suppressing free speech in the lawmaking process. In any case at least a few republicans should be on hand to give the MSM the daily briefing.

They should have one (or more) of their caucus explain to the MSM a few examples every friggin' day of how otherwise peaceful gun owners could run afoul of these laws and suffer burdensome legal repercussions even if they're innocent.

If they do it right (i.e. if they don't have anyone as ignorant as Fields or as surly as McCann or impudent as Morse doing the talking) they could not only help focus public pressure on how awful these laws are, but hopefully help concentrate much of the anger into recall efforts, primaries, and finally the general election in 2014.

I don't think I'll hold my breath; I assume most would prefer to try to "work within the system" rather than participate in something quite so rebellious. To my thinking though, what I outlined above would be the best thing the republicans could do not only for themselves, but for the state.

As it stands now Colorado has no legitimate government at the state level. After all, a constitution is a contract, and when one party breaks a contract the other is not obligated to follow the terms and conditions.

But if not here, perhaps some party that stands against gun owner control can adopt this tactic if they're outnumbered legislatively.

Posted by Publicola at April 5, 2013 01:59 AM | TrackBack

RE: the daily Republican press conference - members of the legislature could, in front of the cameras, pass between them photographs of firearms and magazines while pointing out that, had it been a real gun or real magazine instead of a photograph, both would be guilty of a felony and subject to arrest.

I suspect there are a huge number of Coloradans who are just not aware of how draconian the new laws are because, well, the media is just the public relations arm of the Democrat party now, and their incentive is to cover up, or just plain lie about it. For the same reason, when Coloradans start getting arrested and charged with felonies it will never be heard about because the media won't publicize it.

I think your suggestion is brilliant, and doomed to fail for one simple reason: Republicans have been nicknamed The Stupid Party; they were not given that nickname, they earned it.

Posted by: Noname at April 5, 2013 02:22 AM

It's a good suggestion, but far too dangerous to attempt.

As mentioned above, the Republicans are the "stupid party" for one reason; they do not operate as one cohesive unit. The strength of the Demo-rats is that they behave like loyal foot soldiers and rarely go against their leadership. That's how they ram things through.

If the Republicans washed their hands of voting on any upcoming bills, it would be easily spun by the Demo/Media bunch as them standing by and letting the Ass-Party vote without opposition.

Being perceived as unwilling to fight would cost them the next election as frustrated voters would either sit it out or go 3rd party. Not good. Either route would guarantee Demo'crass majorities.

The fatal flaw is entrusting the media, any member of the media to relay the message of the Republicans with seriousness. More likely they'd obfuscate and ignore it.

I've gotten to the point in my life where I'm convinced that the Demon'rat party is nothing more than another form of organized crime.

...And I should know, I've lived and worked in Chicago. :P

Posted by: Nate at April 5, 2013 01:25 PM