May 31, 2013

Right To Carry

Words have meanings. Those meanings can change over time, and along with them the concepts they represent. This is a natural function of language and it can be good or bad or neutral. When it comes to the word "Right"...
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May 28, 2013

The Not So Secret Police

If you thought the gun owner control laws here in Colorado wouldn't be enforced vigorously, think again: "Agencies from across Metro Denver have come together in an effort to prevent firearm violence this summer, the group announced today. The effort,...
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May 22, 2013

Shotgun Blues Update

I wrote about an incident at a Denver gun show where a Perazzi executive (allegedly the grandson of the founder) was arrested and later released because of a "terrorism" tip from a cab driver. Now there's more. Or less depending...
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May 19, 2013

Shotgun Blues

Ohdearvishnu. Some folks are saying that Denver ain't that bad; that the new gun owner control laws won't be enforced that vigorously and that it won't be used against hunters not one nary bit, because Denver welcomes sportsmen (and sportswomen)....
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May 18, 2013

A Full Court Press

The majority of Colorado sheriffs have filed suit to stop the recently passed gun control laws. Michael Bane is all over it. The folks over at Shall Not Be Questioned have videos up. There's an article about the suit that...
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A Bayonet Would Have Helped

A Wisconsin lady used a shotgun to save her husband from a bear attack. Aside from a few stitches the husband received all turned out relatively well, but - and I hate to armchair quarterback this thing - the lady's...
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An Elk Sees The Light

An employee of the government of Colorado, a Parks And Wildlife Ranger no less, got caught poaching a trophy sized mule deer. After dark. With a spotlight. So what happened to him? He was fined and demoted:...
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May 10, 2013


According to Shall Not Be Questioned, the SAF is backing gun owner control again. The specifics are that while Manchin is trying to drum up support for his and Toomey's universal background check bill, an SAF article is saying it's...
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May 08, 2013


That'd be Illegal Emotional Blackmailers Against Guns - a paid subsidiary of Illegal Mayors Against Guns: Father of Sandy Hook victim faces criminal charges He's facing five charges, all bounced checks, but two of them were written on accounts closed...
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May 02, 2013

Fighting Words

There are many differing perspectives on when it's acceptable to use force to protect one's Rights. For example I'm of the "shoot first, examine badges later" school when it comes to dealing with any type of home invasion, though for...
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