April 02, 2013


There's always some wistful thinking by the uninformed concerning the paradisaical nature of a firearms free world. Some have tried to correct this misplaced rhetoric through imagery. And have tried and tried again. But imagination isn't necessary to correct this error in logic, that a world absent firearms would be a kinder, gentler, mo' better place.

Just for the heck of it, let's see how peaceful and loving we all become when guns aren't used against people:

Man Stabbed With Screwdriver During Carjacking

Summit County man charged in hatchet attack on girlfriend

Detective: 3 men brutally stabbed to death five people and torched Fero's Bar over $170 (Although guns were used to threaten the victims, the murderers used knives and fire to carry out their evil works.)

Denver police arrest suspect in beating death

Police: Man opens front door, gets attacked with samurai sword in Colorado Springs (another article on this incident: Colorado Springs Man Attacked By Neighbor With Sword)

Jefferson County bike path assault suspect may have been scratched

Denver man Eric Barney on trial for allegedly holding his ex-girlfriend hostage for 2 months (more detail on this can be found here)

Man stabbed in Wheat Ridge hotel

That's just what I've stumbled across locally within the last few months.

We don't have to imagine a world without guns; the results of people who are un-gunned are all around us. Not as pretty as some would like to think is it?

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