April 10, 2013

Dr Malcolm Call Your Office Please

This is an article from a few years back, about plans to build a new buffet line for predators attraction for tourists at a big game preserve here in Colorado:

"KEENESBURG Operators of the Wild Animal Sanctuary are constructing a "Mile Into the Wild" elevated walkway to take visitors to the sanctuary's new lion house home to 25 of the big cats rescued from traveling circuses in Bolivia.

The boardwalk, ranging from 22 feet to 40 feet above the ground, first will cross one of the older lion habitats and then traverse black bear, wolf and tiger habitats on its way to the new lion house, said sanctuary spokeswoman Katie Vandegrift."

When I first read that article I felt a great disturbance in the force - as if millions of Jeff Goldblums suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly ignored...

Now look, I have great appreciation for what the folks at the Wild Animal Sanctuary do; they take otherwise very unhappy critters that usually have no place to go and they make their lives a lot cooler. Watching this video gives you an idea of what they have going on:

And this video has some neat info on the resident dog pack that helps take care of new arrivals to the sanctuary (from about the 2:20 mark to the 4:50 mark is where they show the sanctuary, though I found the segments before and after interesting as well)

Sanctuary Dogs

And part of me would really like to check out the sanctuary. But another part of me channels Goldblum and flashbacks to this:

With my luck I can just see that lovely, perfectly safe walkway turn into the Slip'N'Slide of Doom. And whilst I like cats I don't want to directly contribute to their survival in such a personal way. One of my goals in life (or my approximation of it) is to not be attacked by a predatory cat. (And sadly, as old as I am I can't even make a cougar joke - last time I tried going out with a lady my age the curator strictly forbade me from taking her out of the Egyptian exhibit - something about wrappings getting dusty...)

I do jest - I'm sure it's perfectly safe and I'd be more bothered by the strict "No Smoking" policy on the grounds than I would be by the possibility of becoming a kitty snack. And it is a charity so if you can't visit but think they're doing something nice they'll gladly accept your donations.

A reminder though: after July the Wild Animal Sanctuary will be behind enemy lines, as July 1rst is when Colorado's new gun owner control laws take effect. So try to make a visit before then, or a donation before then, if you're inclined to either. After July I'd recommend avoiding Colorado, physically and financially, until these rather nasty laws are repealed.

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