April 08, 2013

Break That Silence Girl

Public servant Degette (D-Plorable) had an intellect malfunction concerning the re-usable nature of magazines. She then doubled down by claiming it was noun confusion and she really meant clips. (I wrote about it here.) The Denver Post, which actually claims a side on the issue of gun owner control (hint: they're for it) even called her out on both the magazine and clip comments being wrong.

(An aside, just to show you how bad the ammo drought is - in the comment section of the DP editorial entitled Diana DeGette offers ammo for gun backers, a fellow says "The title is very misleading. I was hoping she was actually giving out ammo. I could use some.")

Not finding support and emotional solace in even the DP editorial board (who typically have to look to the right to see past Lenin) She took pen to prozac and let fly a "guest" column in the Denver Post, wherein she told the tale of a vast right wing conspiracy fleet of gun lobbyists that launched upon her grammatical error in an attempt to obscure the "conversation" about "gun violence" and "silence' her courageous crusade of courageousness against the demon rum tobacco "assault magazine". Oh, and "for the children".

The DP was kind enough to cover for her; she quoted Fields (D-umbass) who had claimed her son was killed by an "assault rifle", so the post changed that for her after the truth came out Fields realized she was busted "misspoke", as there are few "assault rifles" or "assault weapons" that utilize .45 bullets like were used to kill her son. The post acknowledged they changed the phrase "assault weapon", though Fields misspoke "assault rifle". In place of "assault weapon" and/or "assault rifle" it now simply says "...gunned down by an [sic] gunman...".

But that was all the covering they did. They wrote another piece once again taking Degette to task; not because they're pure lovers of simple facts, but because they feel that she's messing up the chances for the gun control the DP editorial board really wants.

"In a guest commentary we published Thursday, DeGette tried to redirect the conversation and cast herself as a victim...

...But as we wrote in an editorial last week, DeGette gave them the ammunition.

Even for gun-control supporters like the Denver Post editorial board, there was no getting past the fact that she didn't seem to grasp the issue." (internal links omitted)

Degette also wrote a thrilling tale of emotional daring for a community paper about a month ago that's worth a quick look:

"I believe in the Second Amendment, and as a fourth-generation Coloradoan, I know that gun ownership is a part of our great state’s history and culture. The common-sense reforms proposed by the President, myself, and many of my colleagues, would respect those rights, while working to prevent the horrific massacres that take the lives of too many of our citizens and too many of our children. I encourage my fellow Americans to join me in the call for responsible solutions that respect our Second Amendment rights, while taking action to prevent tragedies like the massacres in Sandy Hook and Aurora."

If she could speak that, with a straight face, I think I'd nominate her for an Emmy (or maybe a Tony if she took it on the road to small theaters and coffee shops). After using the phrases "high capacity assault magazines", "killing machines", "reasonable gun legislation", "military-style assault weapons", "common-sense solutions", and "limit gun violence", I'm pretty for damn certain that I ain't gonna see her in the target lane next to me on the 300 yard line.

DeGette was wrong on another point; no one is trying to silence her. I, personally want her to keep talking, to keep explaining about how firearms work, seeing as she's worked on bills regulating them for years. I want DeGette - and Fields too - on talk shows every damn day answering questions and given free access to the mainstream media for as long as she can keep blathering on. I know other pro gun folks feel the same - the more she talks, the more folks will see she don't know what the hell she's talking about. Plus, with the way she keeps digging once she's gotten herself in a hole, we may find a new route to China in a few weeks.

No; no one wants to silence her. Except the people on her side.

And since you likely just read through a bunch of DeGette and Fields quotes and need something to cleanse one's mental palate (Gilgamesh knows I did), here's some old Queensryche. Just cause.

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