April 11, 2013

Not Even In The Ballpark

A local TV station did a segment on what items are prohibited from being carried to a Rockies game. While they did point out that chainsaws were verboten and that baseball bats and brooms were permissible accessories they neglected to mention items more useful for defensive purposes.

This is the "R" section of Coors Field's "A to Z Guide". Scrolling down to the section entitled "Restrictions" I point out item number 11. Also under the "F" section they mention the ban of firearms and other weapons on the premises.

You'd think if they'd mention something as seldom carried as a chain saw* in an informative TV segment, they'd make note of firearms and knives. But I'm supposing that the staff at a local TV station centered in Denver would feel it was obvious that weapons were prohibited at any event not involving a duck stamp. They just don't understand, and therefore dismiss, our culture.

So just in case anyone was thinking of attending a Rockies game** be advised that the folks that own Coors Field would prefer you defenseless. Be further advised that after July 1rst, 2013 the gun owner control laws in Colorado will become intolerable, and avoiding the state is highly recommended. If you're stuck in the state after July 1rst, remember that even though your local sheriff may not forsake their oaths by enforcing these new laws, the Denver PD have no such qualms (or integrity) and will gladly arrest you and steal your property if they get a chance. So don't risk going into Denver if you can avoid it. (Plus the more cash you spend in Colorado the more you eventually feed the coffers of those who'd like to destroy the gun culture, and Denver is their epicenter within the state.)

*Course if someone would just start making a 3 point sling for the Husqvarna 60 cc model I'm sure chainsaw carry would be a useful addition to anybody's personal protection options.

** An uncle of mine, when asked how the Braves were doing that season responded thusly, "If the Braves get any worse I might as well start wearing a Rockies hat". So if you want to see a baseball game, why not go to someplace with a baseball team? While Turner Field prohibits firearms within the stadium, they'll ask you to stash it in your car if you forget you were packing when you enter the gates, rather than having a Denver SWAT team called in to your position as will likely happen at Coors Field.

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I have often enjoyed vacationing in Colorado. No more.

Posted by: tkdkerry at April 11, 2013 10:15 AM