October 31, 2006


If you were wondering, Hendiadys is Greek for "one through two". The Anarchangel has a new shooter report up. The new shooter is not only a lady but she grew up in England (till she was a teen at least)....
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Somebody's Watching Me

A tune from the 80's by a gentleman called Rockwell. Here are the lyrics if you've never heard it, but it's much catchier as a song. Here's the video. A group of acedemics in Britain have speculated that implanted micro-chips...
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The Last Three Digits

A Rifle for Shifty. Go read. (h/t The Smallest Minority)...
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October 30, 2006

The Stupid Party

For those of you who wonder why the Republicans have repeatedly earned that label I offer you a post from Walter In Denver about the Texas Congressional District 22 election. Go read. Sadly it's not the first time the Republicans...
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This Is A Drill

This is only a drill. If it had been actual oppressive acts conducted by the agents of government we'd tell you. At some point. Maybe. If we feel like it. "Police in the western Michigan community of Wyoming entered two...
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October 29, 2006

Ain't It Funny How Time Slips Away

The Rev. Al Green & Lyle Lovett did a decent cover of this tune for the Rhythm, Country & Blues album CD. Then again a lot of folks have covered it; Elvis, Johnny Cash, The Spinners, Brooke Benton, Leon Russell,...
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Heartless Libertarian points to this link which claims they think they've located the spot where Sgt. York (then a corporal) did his thing back in WW1. & speaking of military matters a belated congrats to Heartless Libertarian who is now...
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October 27, 2006

Chesty Understands

Kevin of The Smallest Minority has a post up where he expresses surprise that a bayonet is attached to a pistol. It's a new CZ 75 SP-01 tactical. I recall reading about Chesty Puller. It was in the middle of...
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October 26, 2006

Belated Props

Stop The Bleating turned four - either a few days ago or last week. No one is really sure. In any case here's wishing Mssrs. Matt & Old Skool a happy one & that they'll have at least a few...
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Tragic But Possibly Avoidable

A man killed his father in a hunting accident. First, is it just me or does the press seem to usually mention the caliber of firearm involved in a hunting accident but almost never mentions that in a self defense...
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The NBA commissioner says he thinks guns are okay at home but shouldn't be carried. "It's a pretty, I think, widely accepted statistic that if you carry a gun, your chances of being shot by one increase dramatically,' Stern said...
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October 25, 2006


Aubrey Turner is saying that the Texas teacher who was teaching students to resist an armed aggressor has been reassigned to "work from home" & the school system has sent out a letter disavowing the idea of resisting. (h/t Of...
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Although this post shares the name with a Queensryche tune that's entirely coincidental. I'm listening to The Brandenburg Concertos at the moment (followed by The Water Music) & haven't dusted off my Queensryche files for some time (too long in...
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October 24, 2006

Great Diocles The Boar Has Killed

The title is from the prelude, aria & chorus from the opening of Act 2 of "The Prophetess" (or "The History of Dioclesian" or "Dioclesian"). It's a dark comedy semi-opera (no that doesn't mean it involves 18 wheelers at dusk...
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The Ramones. I'm not a real big fan of them but I don't hate them either. I played a benefit a while back for this gentleman with terminal cancer. The guys I was playing with (it was a hastily thrown...
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October 23, 2006

We Can Only Hope

Going through the referral logs last night I found a visit from Shanghai. It was directed here from a Google search for "gun ownership advocacy" (or something similar - I should have saved the log entry). It's not much but...
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October 22, 2006

Cut The Cake

Average White Band. Funny; I never thought there was anything average about them. Alphecca turned 4 years old today (but he doesn't look a day over 2). Go over & wish him well. & save a slice of cake for...
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Denver Discedere Ad Inferos

Discedere ad inferos is Latin for "go to hell" in case you were wondering. Denver. It'd be an alright place except for the scum who run the damned town. Denver prosecutor Dawn Weber is arguing that the state's "make my...
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October 21, 2006

From My Cold Dead Bookshelves

I have heard some ridiculous proposals before about reducing violence in schools. But damn. "Republican Bill Crozier says if he's elected he would put thick, used textbooks under every desk for students to use as self-defense. Crozier says he acknowledges...
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October 19, 2006

M-1 Automatic

Okay. I think I need help. Or a vacation. Or maybe help with a vacation. I was looking on my friendly neighborhood music engine for anything with "Garand" in the title. I actually found a tune called "El Garand" from...
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Colorado Bulldog

Mr. Big. Helluva tune if you dig the hard/progressive rock thing. Matter of fact here's them doing it live courtesy of YouTube.com. I used to love playing that stuff when I was a kid (though my fav was "Addicted to...
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October 17, 2006

Get The Funk Out

Extreme. Nice little funk'n'roll tune. This will be a fisking. Just cause. & h/t to Say Uncle (who already took down one of the arguments made in the article). Get the guns out of your homes by Mary Sanchez. Personally...
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School Days

Dizzy Gillespe. I'm feeling jazzy for some reason. Of Arms & the Law linked to an Instapundit piece concerning strategies for dealing with school shooting. The central link is one to a story on ENC Today.com about a Texas school...
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October 09, 2006

Having A Party

Sam Cooke. Ah, the good ol' days. Say Uncle has a round up of the Gunblogger Rendezvous of last weekend. I do wish I could have made it but reading about it (& checking out the pics) is the next...
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October 05, 2006

California Dreaming

The Mamas & The Papas. I always liked that tune for some reason. I noticed via the referal logs that I'm currently the Number 2 result on Google for "gun owner moving to california" It's due to the post Comments...
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Early In The Morning

The Gap band. Yes; they have about 3 hits that sound close to the damn same but the title fits & I used to like playing their stuff (mainly because slightly intoxicated young ladies liked to dance to their stuff...
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October 04, 2006

People Get Ready

(Most folks either remember the spiritual as a Rod Stewart/Jeff Beck tune or as Bob Marley's basis for One Love, but I originally heard it from The Chambers Brothers. It was a Curtis Mayfield tune & The Impressions recorded it...
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Stop The World

(A rather lovely tune by Extreme from their III Sides To Every Story cd.) Rosie O'Donnel is claiming that the second amendment is not really a Right. A semi-anonymous (just a last initial on her i.d.?) government agent is claiming...
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October 03, 2006

Gimme Back My Bullets

David Kopel has a post discussing a new law which prohibits gun confiscations during emergencies or disasters. The gist of the law is that any federal officer or person acting under a federal officer or any agent of any government...
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October 02, 2006

Hell Is For Children

A Pat Benatar song that deals with child abuse. Again not exactly spot on as far as the song's content goes but the title sums up things pretty well for this post. I was at a friend's the other day...
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