October 24, 2006


The Ramones. I'm not a real big fan of them but I don't hate them either. I played a benefit a while back for this gentleman with terminal cancer. The guys I was playing with (it was a hastily thrown together ensemble) had a few tunes they wanted to do & I looked over the list. I related how a guitar teacher of mine (years back) told me to tailor the songs for the gig. For example don't play "Don't get around much anymore" when playing a prison. So they asked what that had to do with anything & I simply said that we shouldn't do the Ramones tune they had on the list. They asked why (these are musicians remember?) & I said it's maybe not a good idea to have a guy with months to live hear anyone singing "I wanna be sedated".

Anyway aside from sharing semi-amusing stories about musicians I thought some of y'all would be interested in a new shot that is patterning extremely well.

"Looks like Hevi-13, the latest tungsten-alloy shot devised by Hevi-Shot, is the champion for tight shotgun patterns.
But don't take my word for it. The stuff earned its bragging rights at the Oct. 6-7 World Wild Turkey Still Target Championships at the National Wild Turkey Federation headquarters in Edgefield, SC. Every division winner shot Hevi-13."

How tight is it patterning?

"Steve Conroy of Jamestown, Ky., won the 12 Gauge Hunter division with a world record 45 pellets in the target. Yeah, 45 hits in a 3-inch target from 40 yards. He was shooting a Browning BPS with an Indian Creek .650 choke tube."

Here's Hevi-shot's site.

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