October 19, 2006

M-1 Automatic

Okay. I think I need help. Or a vacation. Or maybe help with a vacation.

I was looking on my friendly neighborhood music engine for anything with "Garand" in the title. I actually found a tune called "El Garand" from the album "Guitarra Armada: Music of the Sandinista Guerillas". So I tried "rifle" & came up with a tune called "Rifle Belt & Bayonet" by Hardrock Gunter. Then I tried "M1" where I found the title to this post. It's by Grant Grieves.

Here's the first verse:

"I'm an M-1 automatic
In a corner of an attic
I was fired on my first job
about a thousand times or more
The man that used my trigger
was a big black man with vigor
he loved his home & country free
that's why he went to war"

& the first part of the last verse

"Now I'm retired
that war is through
but there's another
raging too
M1's like me
now obsolete
they're using now
the M-16"

Yep. I need a vacation.

All that was to simply pass on this link to the Libercontrarian's site cause he had a nice post about Garands (which partially redeems him for quoting that foreign general in a previous post - I mean he knows damn well Atlanta ain't been right since... oh, n/m).

So someone wrote a damn song about the Garand. What's next - Garand poetry?

Yep; I really need a vacation.

Posted by Publicola at October 19, 2006 05:18 AM | TrackBack

Well, I tried a Google Music search, and the closest thing I could find was the Buffalo Springfield.

Posted by: jed at October 19, 2006 08:45 PM

As far as Garand Poetry goes, yours was far and away, the best I have read.

Yep. Not only did I link it, I printed it and read it again.

More than once.

Thanks for sharing The Post.

Posted by: USCitizen at October 21, 2006 04:44 PM
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