October 05, 2006

Early In The Morning

The Gap band. Yes; they have about 3 hits that sound close to the damn same but the title fits & I used to like playing their stuff (mainly because slightly intoxicated young ladies liked to dance to their stuff - funny how that works).

A few days ago at an unholy hour (it was light outside but the clock had "a.m." beside the numbers & I'm a firm believer that "a.m." stands for "Absence of Monotheism", hence unholy & to be avoided at all costs) a neighbor of mine knocked on my door. So I take my still-not-wanting-to-be-un-comatose self to the door & open it very carefully with one hand whilst the other had a nice firm grip on a pistol. He said "oh, I didn't know you were still sleeping" which usually is more a reminder that I'm not totally clicking with societal norms than an apology. I refrained from pointing out that I wasn't still sleeping as I was standing (okay, leaning heavily) in front of him & simply asked what I could do for him. He replied, "Well I found some .44 Remington Magnum & .45 ACP rounds that I ain't got no use for when I was doing some cleaning & was wondering if you wanted them" I told him I appreciated it but I was alright so he asked me to ask around for any friends that might have need. I thanked him again & closed the door.

Staggering back to bed wondering if life really can imitate a Dahli painting at times I reflected that I had never mentioned guns or anything of that nature to him (outisde this blog I do have other interests - I think). So either one of the other neighbors who had been in my house has been talking or I've been profiled.

I wonder if anyone makes a "Absolutely no profiling before noon" doormat?

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Is this neighbor of yours sharp enough to actually profile you?

Mine are mostly morons and I doubt they actually know that I'm a "gun nut" since I am quite discrete about the whole matter. I'd bet on loose lips from the others.

Posted by: -B at October 5, 2006 06:39 AM

So, I guess you weren't exactly waking up the sleeping flowers?

Walking barefoot through the meadow?


p.s. Never turn down ammo. Somebody will want it.

Posted by: jed at October 6, 2006 07:21 PM

It's usually pretty simple to identify 'gun loons.' They generally festoon their beat-up autos with NRA stickers and the usual bumperstickers that threaten gun violence if some honks or tailgates or doesn't like their driving, etc. There are usually beer can empties in the cab or pickup bed.

They're usually overweight and shave IAW certain phases of the moon.

They're partial to cammies and or t-shirts with a specfor-theme.

Go to a gunshow--see if I'm wrong.

Posted by: Jadegold at October 8, 2006 01:54 PM


Stop, you're killing me. (sarcastically)

Do you actually think that's funny?

Donk much, shithead? Where's all that compassion that you leftards are always harping about having so much of, about how 'non-judgmental' they all are?

All a bunch of bullshit is what it is. Go away.

Posted by: -B at October 16, 2006 08:14 AM
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