March 04, 2013

Coming At You Live

Via this link you should find a player. The default is the Colorado Senate State, Veterans and Military Affairs committee, which is hearing HB 1226 (the ban on concealed carry on a college campus), HB 1228 (The tax on background checks for firearm purchases), and HB 1229 (the universal background check bill).

If you right click on the screen and select "open menu" the feed will minimize and smaller feeds will appear at bottom. Mouse over until you find some mention of the Senate Judiciary committee. (As of this writing it was the first video thumbnail on the bottom left, but the hearing doesn't seem to have started yet, so keep checking back).

Assuming they start and you can find the feed, the Senate Judiciary Committee will hear HB 1224 (the amended magazine capacity limit bill), SB 195 (bans online training for concealed handgun permits), SB 196 (the "assault weapons" liability bill), and SB 197 (the "baby Lautenberg" bill, which deals with denying weapons to domestic violence misdemeanants).

If y'all have time, watch either of the committee hearings.

And while I have your attention, things look dire but it ain't over yet. So try to stop casting lots for MagPul - it's like watching relatives go through a favorite aunt's jewelry box before she stopped kickin'. Also, don't boycott Colorado yet (as this site seems to suggest.) Wait until July; that's when these laws will kick in if passed. Have I mentioned they haven't passed yet? So before we give up on Colorado, how bout we fight for it a bit? After all, if this strategy of the enemy's works here, they'll bring it to y'all when they can. Call the governor; tell him if these laws pass your cash will go elsewhere on your next vacation. Tell him if these laws pass you'll start doing business with companies in other states. But wait until these bills pass. After that I'll be right there with ya boycotting Colorado. Until then we're busy trying to keep these bills from passing. We'd appreciate any support you can give, and it is a help if folks ain't talking like we're a lost cause. Morale doesn't hurt ya know.

I'm not going to live blog this (not enough morphine) but some highlights - in the Senate State, Veterans and Military Affairs committee, so far they've had Mark Kelly, CBI director Sloan, a video - not a live appearance but a video - from Aurora police chief Oates, an ex revenuer (that's ATFEIEIO agent) named Chipman, and the sister of a teacher murdered at Sandy Hook elementary last year. All arguing for the universal background check bill. Of note the self proclaimed "operator", ex-revenuer Chipman, admitted he is now a consultant for Mayors Against Illegal Guns.

And the NRA is busing folks in? Hell, the gun owners opposed to these bills started lining up at 6:30 a.m. - for a hearing they knew wouldn't start until 10:30 a.m. ! I guaran-damn-teeya none of those folks had carpetbags, or thought sending a video would suffice, or needed to adjust their alarms for a new time zone.

Of the first 5 people testifying in favor of universal background checks, there's been 2 people from Colorado (although of note Oates is ex-NYPD), 1 from Arizona and 1 from Bloomies MAIG (presumably from somewhere north of the Masey-Dixie). I'm unsure if the Newtown teacher's sis lives here or traveled for the occasion.

And we're busing people in? My ass.

(If this is the Chipman in question - the slimy bastard was at Waco. That sums up his credibility now doesn't it? It doesn't say he was part of the siege on the church there, but he was a field agent at about that time if that link is accurate.)

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The whole deal has a ring of manufactured outrage to it, doesn't it? Those lovelies at the seat of power in Denver have been waiting for majorities to crop up, so they could turn Colorado into Calirado or Colofornia or something.

They're going to get their wish. Colorado's become blue. I bet Texas is next.

Posted by: Libercontrarian at March 4, 2013 10:43 PM
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