March 05, 2013

There's A Lady Singing

All seven of the bills heard in the senate committees yesterday passed. All on party line votes - 3-2. Democrats in favor, Republicans opposed. The next step for the respective house bills will be a 2nd reading on the senate floor, followed by a third reading and recorded vote (assuming they pass a voice vote at the second reading). If they pass the third reading, they'll hit the governor's desk and await his signature. If they become law, they'll take effect on July 1rst of this year.

The senate bills go through the same process, but if they pass the senate, they'll head to the house for the same routine: a first reading, followed by committee hearing, followed by a second reading with a voice vote, then a third reading before being sent to the governor's desk. With an exception or two, those would become law on July 1rst of this year.

If they pass.

We're still fighting. If any 3 democrats vote no on any particular bill, that bill does not go on to the governor. If the governor vetoes it, there won't be enough votes to over ride his veto.

No; things do not look good. But we're still fighting.

In the movie Gods and Generals, during the scene depicting the first battle of Manassas, the following exchange occurred:

Confederate private: "General, the battle is going against us!"
General Jackson: "If you think so, sir; you had better not say anything about it."

Tu comprends?

There are still senators to call. There's still a governor to write. And there are still representatives to instruct.

As the title of this post states, there is a lady singing, but she damn sho' ain't fat:

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