February 12, 2013

HB 1224 passes first hurdle

Colorado HB 1224 passed out of committee on a party line vote, 7-4. It's the magazine capacity limit bill mentioned here. Next stop is the floor of the house

It was amended; 15 is the new 10. They meant to make it 8 for shotshells but they were flubbing the amendment process pretty badly so it may still be 5.

Magpul was there and told them that if the bill passed, instead of expanding, they'd take their $400 million business and several hundred jobs out of state. The dems tripped over their tongues lying to convince them to stay, but Magpul's guy said it was the principle, and they'd basically bail if civilians couldn't buy their products. Magpul also used "standard magazine" in reply to the "high capacity" term and even had a rep saying it by the end of the night. If they ever start making Garand clips Imma buy me a few from 'em, just cause.

Michael Bane was there and spoke well. Shame he missed out on the pizza.

I could probably add more, but I've been watching this damn committee meeting for nearly 12 hours so you wouldn't have to. Imma go and collapse for a while, then scrub myself with bleach. (if only they had 94 octane out here...).

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