February 07, 2013

Co HB 1228

Here's another one, fresh off the presses.

Colorado House Bill 1228 would impose a fee for background checks. It doe snot specify a dollar amount, rather saying it will be limited by the "direct and indirect costs" of performing the background checks. It creates a fund for the money taken from gun buyers and sets up guidelines for its use, notably that any money left over int he fund after each year will be used to decrease the fees for next years background checks if possible.

Here's the kicker - because it doesn't set a dollar amount, the CBI can determine what it costs them to perform each background check. If you'll recall HB 1229 sets a maximum of $10 a dealer can charge to conduct a background check on a private transfer. Well, what happens if the CBI determines it'll run $10.50 to cover the costs of a background check? Do you know any FFL's who'll take a 50 cent hit so you can sell your H&R .410 to your cousin Cleetus? I sure as hell don't, and I'd be ashamed if I did.

So while it's likely they'd remedy the situation by upping the cap on what a dealer can charge, if HB 1228 and HB 1229 pass unamended, it'll mean there'll be no private transfers within Colorado. Legal I mean - I know I sure as hell won't obey such laws* and I doubt I'd be alone.

Oh and don't let the fee talk fool ya; this is nothing more than a sin tax, with intent to punish those pesky gun owners who dare engage in trade.

* If HB 1299 law passes I think I'll start meeting friends of mine at their houses, handing them a firearm of mine to hold for a few seconds, while we both yell "Hickenlooper can go to hell!" at the top of our lungs before they hand it back. Lathering, rinsing and repeating may be in order.

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