March 04, 2013

Re: Morse

Oh now this is funny:

“I can’t tell you how much the work we’ve been doing in the state has really ginned up folks who are opposed to us,' Morse said. 'We’ve been getting an awful lot of ‘screw yous.’ I think now is the time for our senators to get some ‘thank yous.'

'I know everyone in this room has been hugely supportive of Democrats and the democratic process,' he said. 'But if you have an opportunity on Monday come down to the state Capitol. The NRA is going to be busing in a bunch of people on the other side. It would be so great to have you there to help us get this done.”

Emphasis mine. Audacious lying his.

Really, I'd engage in character assassination if I had the time, but Morse seems to lack the requisite target: character.

Sen. Brophy called them out on it though:

“There is only one party listening to people from out of state,' he said, referring to Democrats and their relationship with President Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg on gun legislation.

'The other party is listening to people from Colorado.”

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Mark Kelly is coming in to Colorado to urge more gun owner control laws. As Billll put it in a post of his own, "Gee, I wonder who has the dough to fly celebrities across the country to promote their pet causes?"

I'd add to the speculation that the time for folks to speak their piece was reduced so as to make the gun owner control supporters look a little less lopsided: 30 witnesses is cheaper than 40 witnesses.

To put it plainly, the NRA doesn't need to bus people in. Hell, half of the folks who are waiting right damn now to sign up won't join the NRA cause they support too much gun control, or they're too cozy with appeasement. Those folks are down their on their own dime, taking time off from work, from family and friends, from doing something that would actually be pleasant. Instead they're in as wretched a hive of scum and villainy as exists this side of Mordor on the Potomac, just to tell these public servants (who've quite forgotten they are in fact public servants) that their damn fool bills are damn idiotic and to stop imposing upon their Rights and the Rights of those they care for.

The other side has to fly folks in, or use folks who want something to add to their resume that they, too, one day, may rise to the rank of assistant community organizer or congressional staffer - whichever has the better dental plan.

If it goes like the hearings in the house committees, the pro rapist murderer thugs puppy kickers gun owner control supporters will wax as semi-eloquently as their pre-written statement (courtesy of Ceasefire Colorado or some other group of miscreants) permits, tossing in their own attempt at being the antithesis of Vulcan along the way. Then they'll leave.

At the end, when the congresscritters who claimed at the start that they'd listen with an open mind vote the way that Darth Biden has foreseen, you'll likely be able to count on your hand the number of proponents of said bill (aside from the senators involved) while the opponents, the ones who aren't getting paid, will have enough of a crowd to pair off into 1rst and 2nd strings for a football game.

The NRA bus people in? Hah! That'd be as necessary as offering a free refrigerator magnet upon entry at the only strip club in town.

I just wonder, will the folks testifying for these gun owner control bills get paid in the hallway, or is Bloomie more discreet these days?

(and yes; in a single post I managed to toss in allegories involving Star Wars, Star Trek and Lord of the Rings. My Geek-Fu is strong)

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