February 28, 2013

SB 195

Here's a .pdf of Colorado Senate Bill 195.

It's fairly straightforward; it requires concealed handgun permit classes be attended in person, not online or through any electronic device or in any other location except the instructor's classroom.

Classes to satisfy this requirement typically run anywhere from $75 to $150 around here. This bill will definitely prevent the prices from being any lower. I don't know of any instructors who offer to teach the class at someone's home, say in the event a person wishes to take the class but they have difficulty leaving their residence (injury, illness, etc) but this bill would prevent that, as well as a group of people asking to have a class taught at one of their homes instead of them all trekking to an instructor's locale. And of course if someone wished to receive instruction over the phone, but come in and take the test at the instructor's location, this bill would negate that as an option.

I'm opposed to this bill, but I'm also opposed to carry permit laws in general. Any law that requires you to wait for permission, or pay a tax or jump through hoops to exercise a Right is not treating that activity as a Right, but rather as a privilege. Even "shall issue" laws are gun control, even if a more pragmatic version than a may issue system or an outright prohibition. Eliminating the prohibition against carrying openly or concealed is the only consistent and moral approach.

But I'd still oppose this, simply because it places even more of a burden on folks who would comply with the carry laws. And that process is burdensome (and expensive) enough as it is.

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