January 31, 2005


Just some links to what some other gun bloggers are talking about....
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January 25, 2005

Absolutism 201: Principle v. Pragmatism

To refresh, please see Absolutisim 101: Prior Restraint (if you haven't seen it before). A lot of people have problems with Absolutists because of the conclusions Absolutism can lead to....
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January 24, 2005


I'll probably be posting later today & tomorrow but I wanted to get this out of the way while I knew for certain I'd be near a keyboard. Tomorrow - January 25th - will mark two years for me as...
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Fuz is soliciting comments about the NRA's Board of director elections that are around the corner. I've closed the coments to this post so mosey on over to Fuz's place & drop your two cents. If you're curious about mine...
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Around Colorado - And Beyond

Some odds & ends from Colorado....
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January 21, 2005

Safe Schools

David Codrea has an article in the February issue of Guns magazine called Safe Schools. Go read....
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January 18, 2005

Rest In Peace

In case you haven't heard Neal Knox passed away. It happened Monday the 17th after a struggle with colon cancer. Here's a message Mr. Knox wrote on January 5th, 2005 about his condition. We've lost a great friend & he...
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January 16, 2005

If This Keeps Up Maybe I Can Retire

As I don't think my blogroll is near big enough here are some new editions: Hammer Of Truth; My Side Of The Couch; Old Blind Dog; One In A Row...; Pejmanesque; Scott's Space; The Micheal Bane Blog; & Wadcutter. Give...
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Posterity Forgot The Wrong People

mASSBACKWARDS (who I thought I blogrolled a while back but apperently I'm just now getting around to it) has a post on a very disturbing situation in Brighton, Massachusetts....
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January 15, 2005


Kevin of The Smallest Minority has a piece up entitled Why Ballistic Fingerprinting Doesn't (and Won't) Work. Go read....
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They Misunderstand

"There is a strong sense of protection of privacy by all of the administrators of DMV records, because we know the value of the information we've been entrusted with,' said George Tatum, North Carolina's Department of Motor Vehicle commissioner....
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January 13, 2005


If you're a blogger who is pro Right to Arms or at least sympathetic then you're cordially invited to a chat I'm hosting on Yahoo. Send me an instant message (publicola_mu is my user I.D.) or e-mail me (add @yahoo.com...
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January 11, 2005

Want To Fire A Gen-U-Ine Bullet Hose?

The Rocky Mountain Fifty Caliber Shooting Association has announced the dates for the 2005 .50 BMG Rifle & Machine Gun Shoot. It's to be held May 13th, 14th & 15th in Cheyenne Wells, Colorado. There's a $5 spectator fee per...
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There's Still Time

Joe Huffman of The View From North Central Idaho runs this thing called the Boomer Shoot. Basically you shoot at things from 400 to 800 yards or so & if you hit them they blow up. It's being held this...
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...& Nicki Wasn't There...

...I looked all around but all I found was a url on the stairs... Nicki Fellenzer has decided to branch out. She's started her own blog called The Liberty Zone. Go check her out & give her congrats on her...
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January 10, 2005

Jean-Baptiste Lully's Spirit Lives On In The Firearms Industry

Jean-Baptiste Lully was a 17th century composer who stabbed himself in the foot with his conducting staff & died from complications (gangrene)....
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January 05, 2005

Gun Owners As Ambassadors Or Assholes?

This started out as a comment to this post of Kim du Toit's which asked for feedback on this post of Mrs. du Toit's concerning whether gun owners have a moral or societal obligation to hold themselves to a higher...
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January 04, 2005

BATF + Person With No Harmful Intent = RCOB

Via End The War On Freedom I found this JPFO Alert. It's about the ATF trying to nail a guy for having a defective firearm & them getting caught doing it on tape. Go read it. Then next time you're...
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January 03, 2005

Denver: Homicide Friendly But Gun Owner Adverse - Coincidence?

Walter In Denver posted about Denver's homicide rate for 2004. About a month & a half ago I posted about a bastard in a robe deciding that because of Denver's violent crime rate it could prohibit open carry. How do...
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