January 11, 2005

...& Nicki Wasn't There...

...I looked all around but all I found was a url on the stairs... < / shameless butchering of a Prince tune.

Nicki Fellenzer has decided to branch out. She's started her own blog called The Liberty Zone. Go check her out & give her congrats on her upcoming promotion.

In case you're wondering that is the same Nicki who was (& hopefully still is) a co-blogger here. We had a bit of a parting of ways - see I thought a wet t-shirt feature would boost traffic & she was totally opposed to the idea of me posting pics of myself in a wet t-shirt. Granted, I don't have a great chest but I figured my lower calf definition would compensate. Seriously she just wanted to do her own thing & I wish her nothing but the best. She's a good writer; gooder than I am. I look forward to see what she produces.

Also check out Kicking Broadswords if you have the chance. How can I not link to someone who says he not only agress with me but goes further?

Posted by Publicola at January 11, 2005 03:29 PM
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