January 24, 2005

Around Colorado - And Beyond

Some odds & ends from Colorado.

Sen. Salazar (D-Co) gave some advice to his replacement. Salazar is leaving the state attorney general spot for the u.S. Senate. In that advice he discussed four pending matters he felt the new AG should pay attention to. Can you guess where the state's pre-emption law was on that list? If you guessed "absent" you'd be correct.

Now that's not saying Gov. Owens won't ask the new AG to get on the ball with the appeal. But it's not in the top four things on Salazar’s mind, & presumably it’s not on the new AG's mind either.

Meanwhile I'm in Denver as I write this, with property Denver prohibits yet the Colorado constitution exempts from prior restraint based law. & no, I haven't spent a dime since I hit the city limits nor will I spend one until I'm out.

Rocky Mountain Gun Owners has the 2005 billwatch page up. The only offering so far is a bill to eliminate some language from the "gun show loophole" law that the mindless sheep good people of Colorado hastily passed after being scared witless by two thugs who shot up a school.

& if you're wondering how Colorado's newest contribution to the Senate will be - look, he's a Democrat & he's been known to ask a drunken gun grabbing killer for advice.

From that same link you'll see that Kennedy says ex-Denver mayor Webb is among four contenders for the DNC chairmanship. Webb is the sniveling petty little bastard that pushed the lawsuit to invalidate the state's firearm pre-emption law when it comes to Denver. I do not care if he's out of office at the moment, he deserves to be shunned. If he does wind up heading the DNC we're gonna have an interesting time of it.

In other news of interest around Colorado I'm damned near finished with re-stocking my Garand. Considering my less than meager wood working ability this should rate front page on a local paper - well, if they weren't all staffed by gun-ignorant hoplophobes that is.

& if I seem a little bitter it probably has something to do with being 64 cents poorer every time I have to by a pack of smokes.

I was joking with a friend the other day when he asked for a cigarette; mainly ribbing him about voting for the damned tax increase on smokes. I believe I phrased it as "well you probably weren't fool enough to vote for that". In the next room his girlfriend chimed in with “I voted for it. Why?" The rest wasn't pleasant.

He stood in between us & tried to tell me that I couldn't win against her. Now this was after she justified her vote by telling me she shouldn't have to breathe second hand smoke. It was with great restraint that I didn’t tell her it was much more unpleasant for me to inhale a foul socialist stench. Anyway I calmly explained to him that I was not dependent on her for sex so my odds of losing were much less than his. I went on to explain that she was immoral for deciding to jack up the price of a product which she neither used nor sold & that I really didn't care about winning I just wanted her to realize that she owed me 64 expletive deleted cents.

They thought I was joking.

But she typifies the person who did vote for the smoke tax; pretentious, possibly well meaning, but statist as hell. For the record she went on to defend the merits of socialism against the evil repressive capitalism which enslaved us all. Now most voters probably aren't as hard core Marxist as she was, but it starts in stages. It's kinda like messing around with the Dark Side of the Force, "...once you start down its path forever will it dominate your destiny."

But that's all I know of interest that's happening in Colorado. When I get the Garand put together I'll take some pics & do a post on how I did it. & if I can do it any damn body can.

One last thing: Colorado is in the legislative hands of the Democrats. It's not going to be that much different than the RINO legislatures I've seen since I've been here, but I do expect some bi-partisan effort towards some rather nasty gun laws this year. For example I can see a state level "assault weapons" ban being proposed at some point. Mainly the RINO's can now claim any gun laws that are passed are the Dems fault, no matter how many Repubs voted for it. Rocky Mountain Gun Owners is the main opposition that the gun control lobby in Colorado will face. The NRA or its state affiliate the CSSA? Humanoid please.

The NRA is no friend of the Colorado gun owner - well unless he only likes to use his guns for duck hunting or NRA sanctioned target shooting. RMGO is. Think of them as a state level Gun Owners of America minus the leash.

I say all this to preface a pitch for them. If you'd like to join or just send an anonymous donation here's the link. They'll need all the help they can get this year - & until the legislature changes to a more gun friendly composition. They have to go defensive instead of offensive. Both are expensive but losing defense has more dire results than losing offense. Send them some cash if you can.

Posted by Publicola at January 24, 2005 03:37 AM

In all fairness, I saw the local NRA rep pushing the Rose amendment to Amendment 22, and pretty much nobody else, unless the RMGO was represented by someone lurking out of my field of view. I admit, I had to leave early, as the discussion was scheduled to be the last of five items on the days agenda, and the City of Denvers parking regs do NOT encourage pesky constituants hanging about the capitol.

Posted by: Billll at January 25, 2005 06:43 PM
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