December 30, 2004

Over-lawyered Seasonal Greeting

I meant to post this last week, but time got away from me. Fellow Rebel Alliance member Rebel Yell posted A Holiday Greeting. Please, put down all drinks before clicking that link....
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Additions To The Blogroll

These are all worth checking out, hence throwing them into the already crowded blogroll. In alphabetical order - Blue Eyed Infidel; Capitalist Lion; Cinomed's Tower; Civilian Marksmanship Program; Cowboy Blob; Hugh Hewitt; Independence Institute; Individ; Libertarian Girl; Man At Arms;...
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December 29, 2004

The Ghost Of SF Future

SF doesn't seem inclined to listen to the ghost of D.C. past or the ghost of Chicago present, maybe this will help SF see the light:...
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December 28, 2004

The Things You Learn While Look Up Older Posts

"I think you should be under house you are obviously deranged."...
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Gun Bloggers & The Year In Review

Alphecca isn't doing his Weekly Check on the Bias this week. Instead he's doing the Yearly Check. Of course it's a wrap up of what has occurred this year that concerns firearms. It's by no means exhaustive; he just sticks...
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December 24, 2004

He's Been There And Done That Before Your Grandaddy Was Born

I often joke around about certain older gents still being grumpy cause they had to turn in their Krags for those new fangled Springfields. Well Homer Anderson is damn near old enough for that to be an accurate statement. He...
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December 23, 2004

Chapter One

"It's gonna rain later from what I heard". Karen looked off in the distance wanting to believe Anna but she just couldn't see it raining anytime soon. "Uncle Jimmy used to love the rain before..." she broke off as her...
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A Question

Imagine you're in a bar, or a store or some other public place. A man walks up to you purposefully. As he approaches he starts swearing at you & accusing you of sleeping with his wife. You did not sleep...
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December 21, 2004

Weekly Check & Florida AWB?

Alphecca has The Weekly Check up. Also he has the scoop on a proposed "assault weapon" ban in Florida, including the text of the bill. If you've never done it before tell him thanks for all the hard work he...
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Pulling Them Back Down By Their Ankles

Jason's situation has generated a lot of comments around the blogosphere. Most have been supportive but a few haven't been. It's interesting how gun owners can turn so quickly on their own kind because of seemingly minute differences. Disagreeing with...
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December 18, 2004

Arrested For Legally Carrying?

Jason of Fish Or Man was arrested. From his account it sounds like he was arrested & harrassed because he was a gun owner. He was carrying openly & in accordance with Washington state law. Go read what happened. I'll...
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December 17, 2004

"Live Free Or Die"? Doesn't Ring A Bell...

You'd think after all those years of running license plates that a New Hampshire cop would at least be familiar with the concept. "We don't want gun battles in the street over this,' Lt. Tim Brownell said. 'It's better if...
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SF Proposed Gun Ban - The Text

David Codrea sent me an e-mail that contained the SF proposal. I'll include it in the extended entry without comment, as I believe it's self fisking. Though I will relate something a friend said to me concerning this: he told...
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December 16, 2004

If You Stay It'd Better Be To Set Up A Resistance Cell

If you're in California, specifically the Bay area, leave. Don't pass Go. To Hell with the $200. Just get out while you can. Updated...
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December 15, 2004

Happy B.O.R. Day

Happy Bill of Rights Day. (Although I find it kind of ironic that the great socialist bastard of the 1930's & 1940's was the one to have signed the resolution acknowledging them, considering the blatent disregard he showed for them.)...
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December 14, 2004

Check Please....Weekly Check That Is

Jeff's got hsi Weekly Check on the Bias up. If for some reason you haven't read it yet now's as good a time as any. As usual you won't be disappointed - well, not with Jeff;s work at least. The...
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December 11, 2004

Don't Start None, Won't Be None

I've went a round or two with XRLQ before. We've disagreed on a few things & discussed them in more or less a reasonable manner. I even devoted a category to our disagreements. But now he's went & done something...
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Workplace Violence v. Workplace Defense

This is interesting. Not just because of the subject matter, but because it's an unusually balanced piece for the mainstream media. There are a few things that should be brought out & discussed more in depth....
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December 08, 2004

A Voice Made For Telegraph

Since everyone else seems to be doing it I figured I'd give it a try. Give it a listen & let me know what you think....
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December 07, 2004

Illinois Can Go Straight To Hell

Imagine you're in your 80's. Now let's say you have someone break into your home while you're there. You spend about 45 minutes fighting with the punk who's in his early 20's. Let that sink in: in your 80's you...
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Maybe They Misunderstood The Question?

In Thailand for some odd reason dropping paper birds out of a plane does not stop people from committing violence. In other breaking news spitting into the wind does not keep your face dry....
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December 03, 2004

Trust Who?

I was waiting while having some work done to my car. Normally I brave the elements & watch the mechanics automotive technicians rob me blind perform the valuable, timely & economical service to my vehicle. Today it was colder than...
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December 02, 2004

Sen. Hillman on Meyer

At ColoradoSenate I found an article written by Sen. Mark Hillman about Meyer's decision in the Denver home rule v. state gun law case. Sen. Hillman is the majority leader in the state senate until January 12th when the Dems...
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