May 18, 2013

A Bayonet Would Have Helped

A Wisconsin lady used a shotgun to save her husband from a bear attack. Aside from a few stitches the husband received all turned out relatively well, but - and I hate to armchair quarterback this thing - the lady's technique was a bit lacking:

"His wife Marie Ninnemann rushed to his rescue. 'She came out of the cabin with a shotgun,' Gerre said. 'Unfortunately, she didn't know how to load it.'

Mrs. Ninnemann then hit the bear over the head with the shotgun, which the stunned the bear just long enough for the couple to run back in to the cabin, according to Albright."

Of course, if there would have been a real reporter, the article would have included what the energy in foot-pounds was of a 71 year old lady swinging a shotgun. Or at least mention if she hit the bruin with the muzzle or the buttstock...

This easily could have turned out badly. In the end a sheriff's deputy shot and killed the bear, which makes me wonder why the gentleman that was attacked didn't shoot the bear himself after his wife rescued him.

I doubt I'll have to remind many of you, but this is yet another good example of why you should make sure the women in your life know how to handle a firearm. By handle I mean load, aim and fire, not just swing. And by women I mean lovers, girlfriends, wives, daughters, mothers, aunts, nieces, grandmothers, etc. (And on the off chance that any ladies stumble across this post and don't know how to shoot, I or just about any other gun owner within driving distance will likely teach you the basics if you just ask, so ask.)

And I still contend that a bayonet makes any long gun more versatile and effective if for some reason shooting isn't an option. (Maybe they need to start making bayonets in pink too. Or at least purple...)

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