May 08, 2013


That'd be Illegal Emotional Blackmailers Against Guns - a paid subsidiary of Illegal Mayors Against Guns:

Father of Sandy Hook victim faces criminal charges

He's facing five charges, all bounced checks, but two of them were written on accounts closed at the time.

I wonder if his support of the gun owner control was a confusion about the phrase "background check" versus "backdated check"?

"Since then, Heslin has been among the most visible of the Sandy Hook parents lobbying for gun restrictions, including an appearance in Washington that apparently resulted in him missing a recent court date.

Superior Court Judge Frank Iannotti has ordered Heslin to explain Wednesday why he was not in court on April 15."

I'm almost curious to see if the judge will give him a pass since he was out pimping gun owner control. I'm sure he's shameful enough to try to use that as an excuse.

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