January 10, 2007

RMBB 6.0 Cross Bones Style

Notice a shortage of your favorite adult beverage lately? That's cause Colorado is preparing for another Rocky Mountain Blogger Bash (click the link to see the cool graphic). Coincidentally if you own stock in any decent liquors, liquores or imported beer thank Dave & the crew for the sharp increase in the market. (I would make a joke about Cross Bones Style signaling the theme of the first costume bloggers bash but I'd fear they'd take me seriously & I'd be the only one not dressed like a pirate.)

& there's rumored to be a discussion of Cat Power at the Bash. I tried to tell them that Southern women really don't take kindly to folks talking about them but I doubt they'll listen. Course how many years have I been telling them Denver is not only a freedom unfriendly place (local "assault weapons" ban, ban on open carry, vigorous prosecution of self defense, the home of the push for smoke free blues bars in Colorado, etc...& let us not forget what happened when a serial rapist was on the loose) but is in fact not centrally located? Kids - can't tell 'em nothin. Course the location is still to be decided but the date is set; February 16th.

In the meantime here's Cross Bones Style by Cat Power. & just cause I gots ta show some love ta m' girl from the South here's I Don't Blame You, her very worth listening to interpretation of House of the Rising Sun, Rebel, Naked If I Want To & her cover of the Stone's tune I Can't Get No Satisfaction. Give her a listen as you may dig.

Addendum (01-11-07 04:22) I forgot to mention; if you really dig cat power then click here. :)

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