January 10, 2007

Still Hangin' Around

G. Love & Special Sauce. Here's G. Love doing Still Hangin' Around (at a very happening bar in Charlotte) & here's the whole crew doing Hot Cookin' & Cold Beverage to give you a better idea of their sound.

You might have heard about it elsewhere but there was a kid with cancer who went to court to seek his own manner of treatment. The sawbones he was seeing didn't like that he wanted to skip the chemo & seek an alternative cure.

There's another article about him with the headline:

"Va. teen needs more cancer treatment"

But if you dig into the article you'll notice this:

"Starchild Abraham Cherrix, 16, returned to Virginia in October after receiving an alternative therapy for Hodgkin's disease, a cancer of the lymphatic system, that included targeted low doses of radiation at a Mississippi clinic.

The treatment reduced a tennis-ball-sized tumor in his neck to the circumference of a half dollar. A chest tumor also was decreased." (emphasis mine)

Personally I'd think that a reduction of a tumor in that size without chemo would merit a headline by its freakin' self.

He's going back because the lymph nodes in his armpit seem to be swollen which could indicate a resurgence of cancer.

& here's how they summed up his court "experience":

"In 2005, the teen had been so sickened by three months of chemotherapy that he declined a more intensive round that doctors recommended.

His oncologist at the time alerted social services officials when Abraham chose to go on a sugar-free, organic diet and use an alternative liquid herbal treatment that is banned from sale in the United States.

At an August court hearing, Cherrix's attorneys and social services officials agreed to allow the teenager to forgo chemotherapy and undergo alternative therapies. The five-week treatment in Mississippi included immunotherapy, which strengthens the immune system through supplements and food." (emphasis mine)

So a patient tells a doc that he's not going to inject a poison into his body hoping it kills the disease first & what happens? The friggin' doc gets all governmenty on him. & the SS folks allowed him to seek his own treatment? Allowed?

Look we all talk a lot of hyperbole on the net. With that in mind but I guaran-damn-teeya that if a Terminator-care or Hillary-care gets enacted here that the only way anyone will ever get me to take a treatment against my wishes is if they can whoop my sick ass. & Lord forgive them & me both if I ever have a kid that they think they're fit to determine the best treatment for against my wishes.

See this is what folks don't get when they talk of Marxian medical services - not only would the same fine folks who put together the DMV be making life & death decisions for you & yourn but they'd have the state troopers backing them up if you tried to disobey them. Even in a quasi-socialized health care system such as we have now there's a doctor who thinks he should be able to force a person into a course of treatment against his & his parents' wishes.

& it should be noted that he used a treatment with seemingly decent results despite it being proscribed by the feds! I guess this means they've expanded the War on (some) Drugs to include beverages that help sick people. I'll tell ya right damn now they'll pry my Earl Grey from my cold dead hands (with a finger other than my pinky extended of course).

It all worked out well in the end & hopefully it'll keep working out well for the young lad but let's not forget how close it came to the state deciding what treatment a young man should have.

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