September 28, 2004

Trying To Be A Good Ex-Boyfriend

Postings have been light around here & may continue to be so for a while. Normally I'll just post when I can & not attempt to forewarn or explain any absence from the keyboard. Partly this is because I'm hoping...
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Codrea Ain't Havin' It

David Codrea is none too pleased with CCRKBA over the Guvenator. Here's an e-mail Mr. Codrea sent me (reprinted with permission). I'll post it without comment....
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Bout Damn Time

No, that isn't in reference to me posting again (though it would seem appropriate) but to some good news I read about at Geek With A .45 & Feeted Jammies site. He has word that the M-16 series of weapons...
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September 22, 2004

Quick & Random

Just a few links I thought were interesting....
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September 20, 2004


Say Uncle feels a big push has begun to reinstate an "assault weapons" ban. He also thinks that the House is our only chance of stopping it. Here's what I think our situation is:...
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September 16, 2004

Back To Normal (Capacity)

I spent a good portion of Monday looking around to see how much my pre-1994 normal capacity magazines had depreciated. Oddly enough there was only one website I found that had updated its page to reflect the happier times that...
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I made an error in the post titled Get A Grip. In the comments section Bruce of mASSBACKWARDS points it out. I thought about denouncing Bruce as he probably wrote that while in some form of sleepwear & then issuing...
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September 14, 2004

A Taxing Poll

Matt at Stop The Bleating posted about a CNN poll on the "assault weapons" ban....
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Alphecca's Weekly Check

Jeff has his Weekly Check on the Bias Report up. Its' the End of the AWB edition. & Cam Edwards will be intervieiwng Jeff this Wednesday sometime between 2p.m. & 5p.m. on Cam's NRA radio show....
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September 13, 2004

Hell Hath No Fury, Nor Does It Look As Good In Heels...

The lovely & talented Miss Annika is a very intelligent young lady. Her writing is as entertaining as it is well crafted. She is one of the few of my non-gun nut daily reads. As a matter of fact she...
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From Shamaya

Who Gets Credit for Demise of Useless Gun Ban? And How Can We Spread These Important Warnings? That's from Angel Shamaya & you should already be reading it....
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One Down, Nineteen Thousand Nine Hundred & Ninety Nine To Go

Actually that's a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the point. Including Federal, State & local gun laws yesterday there were approximately 20,000. Today there are 19,999. Now not all of the remaining 19,999 are bad, as they would...
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September 10, 2004

The Rhodes To Amerika

I was listening to Air America today. Randi Rhodes was expressing her disgust at the idea of the AWB sunsetting on Monday. She mentioned a few things which damn near made me fall out of my car when I heard...
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September 09, 2004

Valid 800 Number?

I've had a report that the 800 number for the senate that I've been listing is not working. If anyone has a working 800 number for the senate please leave it in the comments. In the meantime look here...
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Darling Nikki

My absent & much missed co-blogger Nikki Fellenzer has a piece up at Armed Females of America called The Final Bell (Hopefully). Go read....
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The Press Is Using Panic While The Blogs Are Using Facts

The mainstream media is starting to unravel over the AWB. For a while they had made an attempt at seeming impartial (granted, not a very good attempt, but the effort was occasionally visible). Now they're back to warning of the...
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September 08, 2004

AWB News

Triggerfinger has been on the ball. Difi et al have been mentioning the AWB today. There's an appropriations bill which I speculate would be the ideal vehicle for it. No word of anyone trying to ad it as of yet,...
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After Getting A Grip, Assume The Position?

I merely point out how Kerry is a hypocrite. Matt at Stop The Bleating points out that Kerry could be a felon. Though I must point out that the law Kerry may have in fact violated is unconstitutional. I see...
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September 07, 2004

AWB Plan Of Attack

Geek With A .45 has a public service announcment you should read right now. E-mails might work. It's probably too late for snail mail. That means it's time to reach out & touch someone....
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Around The States

Geek with A .45 has some perspective on how bad Rep. Holt wants the nation to be. Meanwhile Clayton Cramer tells us of a victory for a gun owner in Cali. In court. Without having to draw down on the...
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Get A Grip

Much is being made of Kerry accepting a shotgun that some say would have been banned by legislation he co-sponsored....
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Watching Sausage Being Made

Just checking in. Daschle is currently waxing poetic about homeland security appropriations bill, which could very well be a vehicle for attachment of the AWB. So far nothing AWB specific has been mentioned. If it does come up I'll let...
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September 06, 2004

For AWB Updates

Geek With A .45 has graciously started a blog just to keep track of the Senate this week. He's asked Triggerfinger & myself to co-author it with him. It's called Walking The Walls & it's url is Catchy isn't...
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Why The AWB Must Sunset

A brief summation of why we should do everything in our power to make sure the AWB goes away....
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September 04, 2004

Gun Owner Influence In Elections

Evan Derkacz Writes in The Athens News about The NRA's influence at the polls. The piece is called Does Kerry have a chance to wing some of the NRA vote?. It raised some interesting points but makes some errors in...
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September 03, 2004

Coors Has Seen The Light?

The Rocky Mountain News has a piece on Pete Coors' views concerning gun control. It was written by Gwen Florio....
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September 02, 2004

Lies, Damned Lies, & Platforms

via Say Uncle I found a link for the 2004 Republican Party Platform....
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