September 28, 2004

Codrea Ain't Havin' It

David Codrea is none too pleased with CCRKBA over the Guvenator. Here's an e-mail Mr. Codrea sent me (reprinted with permission). I'll post it without comment.

"[W]e scolded Gov. Schwarzenegger recently for signing into law a ridiculous ban on .50-caliber sporting rifles…”—Alan Gottlieb

When did you “scold” Arnhole? You blamed the legislature in your headline. There’s not a “scolding” word against him in your entire release!

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger recently signed a ban on .50 caliber rifles that the California legislature passed. (CCRKBA release)

Then you say “he rates much higher marks than his predecessor, Gray Davis.”

Bull. Davis never banned bolt action sporting rifles.

What a crock. How much has he donated to SAF/CCRKBA over the years, and why did you remain SILENT during his campaign and allow your lobbyist to tell people he was “stealth” pro-gun candidate—which drove gun owners away from the McClintock campaign?

CCRKBA Lobbyist Claims NRA Backing Stealth Candidate in CA Governor’s Race

“Arnold has been giving money to pro-gun groups. For *years*. Good size chunks, too.”

Here’s another example of the Hessian at his finest, making sure his anti-gun film industry cronies get a special pass not available to We the People.

Why are you acting as apologist for this traitor?

Posted by Publicola at September 28, 2004 04:33 AM
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