September 22, 2004

Quick & Random

Just a few links I thought were interesting.

Apperently California's governor is a girlie-man when it comes to firearms.

Jed has the Weekly Fusillade up.

Jeff doesn't have his Weekly Check on the Bias up as he mourns the loss of a dear friend. My condolensces go to him.

Jeff does note that Sen. Craig has given up on repealing the D.C. gun prohibition for the time being, Shame. I feel a judicial solution to the D.C. gun ban would be best, but I regret the loss of the momentum that I hoped we were getting.

John Ross also mourns the loss of a friend, though the demise was by his own hand. My condolensces as well as my admiration go to him. If you're a pet owner Mr. Ross' account will be tough to read & perhaps even tougher to contemplate, but I'll argue with anyone "seven ways to Sundy" that his actions were the most appropriate, albeit difficult under the circumstances. Thanks to Bill St. Clair for the link.

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