September 09, 2004

The Press Is Using Panic While The Blogs Are Using Facts

The mainstream media is starting to unravel over the AWB. For a while they had made an attempt at seeming impartial (granted, not a very good attempt, but the effort was occasionally visible). Now they're back to warning of the machine guns that will flood our streets come Tuesday. Of course if such an event happens you can find me at the corner of B.A.R. Avenue & 1919th Lane.

Let's take a stroll around the blogosphere & see what everyone's busy with:

Jeff at Alphecca seems to be working hard. He has several fiskings of the mainstream media's attempts to alarm people about the kind of world we'll live in this coming Tuesday (if everything goes right).

ABC News Chimes In...

Press Revs Up Hysteria Over AWB

Weekly Check on the Bias...(September 06, 2004 edition)

Clayton Cramer has this post: Assault Weapon Ban Renewal Dead?

Bill St. Clair of End The War On Freedom already knows what he's going to get this Tuesday (if everything goes right).

Instapundit is indeed aware of the happenings & points out how it could limit Bush's career options.

Kim du Toit writes about GFW Bastards

Say Uncle...ah, what can I say about him & Thibodeaux? I'm just glad they've got families & day jobs to slow them down or they'd probably have written most of my posts before I thought of them.

Oh, that liberal media

The NRA attacks Kerry

Assault Weapons Ban Round Up - 6 days

JTO mentions the NIJ Study

One week to go

Assault Weapons Ban On The Hill

Does Your Police Chief Support the AWB?

Kevin of The Smallest Minority has an idea of what he wants to buy after this Tuesday (if everything goes right) but Before the SHTF

Spoons tells us that the SUN TIMES LIES ABOUT GUNS

Eugene Volokh writes about Fine objective journalism on the assault weapons ban

Bitter tells us to Get Ready To Party. Hopefully she'll still feel that way despite not being too happy with ABC's Nightline.

Matt at Stop The Bleating needs to stop holding back how he feels about the possibility of the AWB sunsetting.

Jed at FreedomSight will have two reasons to celebrate on the 14th (if everything goes right). (Somebody buy that man a normal capacity mag)

Countertop tells us of More misreporting. He's also counting the days. First there was 5 days then there was 4 days... he also tells us of AWB stuff as well as Assault Weapons Ban Events. He has an AWB Update on the 7th that's worth a read.

& finally many, many thanks to Geek With A .45 & Triggerfinger for setting up & manning Walking The Walls.

The gist of all the above linked posts is that the press is gnashing teeth along with Difi et al because it looks like the AWB will sunset on schedule.

Me personally - I don't trust the bastards. By "bastards" I mean the anti-gun lobby (hey - they call me & my kind the gun lobby; turn about is fair play), Congress & the NRA.

The NRA thinks it's in the bag. Well it may very well be, but if they'd have acted right back in 94, along with Congress, then I'd be out hunting or shooting right now instead of staying up most of the night writing this post only to get up again tomorrow to watch what the Senate is doing.

So when the NRA assures me of anything I put my hand on my wallet & reach for my pistol (to keep someone form stealing it). Perhaps I'm being overly critical of the NRA, but based on their past behavior it's the most logicial choice to not trust them. Times two for Congress & the anti-gun lobby.

Anti-gun lobby. Try it in casual conversation. It feels good.

I think the AWB is likely to sunset on schedule, but I'm not willing to let my guard down until Tuesday at the earliest. Difi et al will try something & if Bush starts using his muscle they may get lucky.

But thanks to the many fine bloggers mentioned above for setting the press straight. Hell, if the press were doing their jobs we wouldn't have half as much to write about.

Call your Senators as this damned pitiful excuse for a law that would pass constitutional muster cannot have enough nails driven in its coffin. we should decapitate it, drive a stake through it's heart, & then use a semi-automatic nail gun to make sure the damn thing stays underground where it belongs.

so why are you still here reading? Don't you have congrescritters to call?

Call your Senators & deliver the message:

If you vote for a renewal of the "assault weapons" ban I will not vote for you. If the "assault weapons" ban is renewed I will not vote for anyone in your party.

1 (800) 648-3516

Then call Bush & tell him that your vote depends on letting the "assault weapons" ban sunset on schedule.

White House:
Phone: (202) 456-1414
Fax: (202) 456-2461

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