September 13, 2004

Hell Hath No Fury, Nor Does It Look As Good In Heels...

The lovely & talented Miss Annika is a very intelligent young lady. Her writing is as entertaining as it is well crafted. She is one of the few of my non-gun nut daily reads. As a matter of fact she is one of the best bloggers I know of in terms of quality of content. She's definitely not a token chick blogger.

However she is a lady & as such she's probably not too different from many of the ladies that I know in at least one regard; they can usually forgive an error, but if you try to lie your way out of it, "it's on".

Dan Rather obviously never had any ladies such as Miss Annika in his life to teach him this lesson. He does now. Boy does he ever. & I fear he won't like the way he's about to be taught. I've never commited such an error before, but I shudder thinking of my friends who did & what they received for their disrespect.

I write about guns & gun laws & court cases involving guns. When I deviate from that it's usually to cover some other Right that's being threatened by the government. I keep an eye on other things, but not as close a watch as on the Right to Arms & other Rights. I'm not a Bush fan; I think in areas that are most important to me he doesn't deviate enough from Kerry to make a meaningful difference.

But I've noticed RatherGate. I haven't read everything in detail & to be honest my computer illiteracy keeps me from understanding in great depth what the arguments & counter-arguments mean. What I have seen is Rather looking Miss Annika straight in the face & saying, "who you gonna believe? Me, or your lying eyes?" As I've noted before, Miss Annika ain't having that.

Go read what she has to say, & if you find her arguments persuasive (which I doubt you could find them otherwise) then do what she asks of you. Next time you make an error with a lady such as Miss Annika - admit it; apoligize & accept a little grief. That's much preferable to the alternative whose nearest equivelent involves fire, brimstone & eternal torment. In fact the fire, brimstone & eternal torment would probably be an easy way out. Trust me, you'd (ahem) rather not be where Dan is now, or where he's headed.

Posted by Publicola at September 13, 2004 06:12 AM
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