May 27, 2004

Utah, Switzerland, St. Tucker & other gun links

Just a round up of a few interesting posts around the blogosphere....
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May 23, 2004

It ain't an argument if it ain't Hobbesian

Greg has two posts up that I want to address. The first is a response to my last post about our disagreement. The second is a post he did concerning a post of mine on concealed carry permits. This is...
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Want to help a valuable site? was down for a few days. They've been having server problems & from what I understand they're in need of a new server. Servers cost cash & there isn't a whole lot to go around in the coffers...
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May 22, 2004

Safety Bullet?

MoparMike has two posts up dealing with the Safety Bullet. (Here's the second post.) More specifically it's an e-mail exchange between MoparMike & the inventor of the Safety Bullet. Want to know what the Safety Bullet is?...
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May 21, 2004

U.F.B. (Unidentified Flying Brass)

Last week end was the Rocky Mountain Fifty Caliber Shooters Association's 6th annual .50 BMG Rifle & Machine Gun shoot. Much to the disappointment of Sarah Brady & Michael Moore this did not mean machine guns & .50 caliber rifles...
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May 18, 2004

Making the chains rest a little lighter...

Michael Gaddy has an article up that every gun owner should read. It's called Massive Gun Owner Sell Out Of Basic Rights. For further reading please check out these previous posts about concealed carry permits: Concealed Carry & Prior Restraint:...
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May 14, 2004

Mark Lancaster update - Sentencing

NashvilleFiles reports that Mark Lancaster's sentencing hearing will be held today. Blake plans to be at the event & post on the outcome so watch his site for the details. Here's a few links to explain Mr. Lancaster's situation:...
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One More Reminder About the Machine Gun Shoot

The Rocky Mountain Fifty Caliber Shooters Association will be holding their annual .50 BMG Rifle & Machine Gun Shoot this weekend in Cheyenne Wells, Colorado....
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A Bloggiversary

Stop by The Smallest Minority & congratulate Kevin on his blog hitting the 1 year mark. If you've never been there before I'd suggest starting off with these older posts of his to appreciate what you've been missing: That Sumbitch...
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May 10, 2004

Yet Another Reason to Not Surrender Your Gun to the Cops

When a cop asks you to hand over your firearm there's always a chance that he won't give it back - even if you're compliant with all the unconstitutional bullshit gun control laws in your area. Most of the time...
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Check Please

Alphecca's Weekly Check on the Bias (now powered by Moveable Type 2.661) is up. It concentrates on the Million Mom March this past weekend. & million is used loosely. Very loosely. Extremely Loosely. Downright inaccurately in fact. While Jeff's check...
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The Hobbesian Arguments: Round 3 (?)

Why absolutism doesn't work is the latest post by Greg of the Hobbesian Conservative in our exchange. It's a response to this post of mine & it all traces back to a post I did on a speech given at...
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May 07, 2004

Updated blogroll

I fixed a problem or two in the blogroll & made some new editions that you might want to know about....
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May 06, 2004

Interesting things in the blogosphere

First of all a very sincere welcome back to Ms. Rachel Lucas. She was missed. Clayton Cramer has a post up about a Chicago city official demanding & then defending preferential treatment for elected officials (namely herself). Clayton asks if...
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May 05, 2004

.50 caliber rifle ban introduced in the House

Rep. Jim Moron Moran introduced a bill that would ban .50 caliber rifles on Monday. My initial reaction is that the bill won't get voted on (for a number of reasons), but then again I have seen nothing solid to...
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May 04, 2004

Help Needed in Ohio

I found something disturbing over at Alphecca: According to Ohioans For Concealed Carry two newspapers have started to publish the names of concealed carry permit holders in two Ohio counties. The newspapers in question are the the Warren Tribune Chronicle...
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