May 14, 2004

Mark Lancaster update - Sentencing

NashvilleFiles reports that Mark Lancaster's sentencing hearing will be held today.

Blake plans to be at the event & post on the outcome so watch his site for the details.

Here's a few links to explain Mr. Lancaster's situation:

Mark Lancaster - Federal Sentencing (NashvilleFiles)

Mark Lancaster Update (SayUncle)

More about Mr. Lancaster (Publicola)

Some Problems with U.S. v. Miller (Publicola)

Posted by Publicola at May 14, 2004 03:45 PM

Thought you might be interested that the Roderick Pritchett trial was scheduled to begin today (as far as I know, it went forward).

Posted by: Spoons at May 17, 2004 03:41 PM

He was acquitted!

Posted by: Spoons at May 17, 2004 05:16 PM
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