May 07, 2004

Updated blogroll

I fixed a problem or two in the blogroll & made some new editions that you might want to know about.

Aaron Russo has a blog. In case you don't know, Mr. Russo is one of the Libertarian Party candidates for President of the united States. Of America. North America. In case you're wondering where he stands on the Right to Arms, has endorsed him. If that's not good enough for ya then check out his Gun Control category archive from his blog. From one of the entries you'll find this:

"Let me make myself clear:
- As your president, I will not ask Congress to renew or extend any of the 20,000 unconstitutional "gun control" laws which currently exist. As a matter of fact, I will veto any such renewal or extension, and I will veto any new laws passed with the intent of disarming law-abiding Americans.
- As your president, I will direct the departments of the executive branch to cease enforcement of all such laws -- and I'll direct the Solicitor General to defend that order in court, on Constitutional grounds, if Congress attempts to compel their enforcement.
- As your president, I will direct the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division to take to court any state which passes or enforces laws in any way infringing upon the rights of Americans to keep and bear arms. The Constitution clearly places these rights in the hands of the people and makes them inviolate; and my duty as president extends to enforcing the Constitutional guarantee of a republican form of government to the states, the right to keep and bear arms being an essential characteristic thereof.
'The security of a free State' is more than the security of that state's government. It's the security of the people who consent to be governed. It's their security against crime, and their security against the government itself."

'Nuff Said?

Joe Banister has a blog. You'll see Irwin Schiff & Bob Schulz on his blogroll. That won't seem like much of a shock since he seems to be very anti government sponsored theft federal protection racket income tax - until you find out he used to be an IRSS agent. He recently was on CNBC's Special Report with Maria Bartiromo along with Rep. Ron Paul speaking about the problems with the IRSS & the income tax.

Here's a link for the high quality video of the CNBC interview & here's one for those of you on dial up (although for some reason they only comes up as audio on Netscape). Both are provided by (no permalinks - scroll down to the April 12th, 2004 entry) which seems to be run by Dave Toney of Quest For Liberty.

Mr. Banister also runs a site called Freedom Above Fortune.

& last but not least Dave of Dave's Picks has an interesting observation about the NRA which guaranteed him a spot on the blogroll.

Check out the above linked sites when you get the chance, & try to check out sites listed on the blogroll & links section. Some of them are invaluable & all are worth a read.

Posted by Publicola at May 7, 2004 03:21 PM

You've been blogrolled!

Posted by: Deb Gordon at May 16, 2004 12:30 PM
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