May 06, 2004

Interesting things in the blogosphere

First of all a very sincere welcome back to Ms. Rachel Lucas. She was missed.

Clayton Cramer has a post up about a Chicago city official demanding & then defending preferential treatment for elected officials (namely herself). Clayton asks if anyone can explain Chicago politics to him. Yep: it's a caste system with the elected officials being at the top & the non-city employees being mere peasants. They feel Chicago revolves around the elected officials instead of the people. It's not that different than the mob bosses thinking the crime world revolves around them instead of their victims. & both use more or less the same tactics. So if you want to understand Chicago politics (or NYC, or DC or damned near any medium to large city) then try to understand how non-elected criminals operate.

Kevin of The Smallest minority tells us about two people in Arizona who went target shooting in the desert & were robbed by the city of Avondale. Firearms & money were taken by the bastards masquerading as public servants. Kevin also informs us of a loophole in English victim disarmament schemes murderer & rapist protection gun laws that allow an uber-dangerous portable weapon to be purchased legally.

The lovely (& talented) Ms. Annika (who is rumored to have been a first choice for a major T.V. role in the 90's) is questioning the sanity & taste of a Dutch artist who used her own skin to make a replica pistol as a protest/awareness raising thingy about gun violence. She (the artist) probably doesn't realize how lucky she is that Garands aren't used in crime. Now that'd sting!

James of Hell in a Handbasket compares politicians to street whores. For his next trick he'll compare water to H2O.

Pixy of Ambient Irony is a little miffed that an Australian gun prohibition group would use false statements (statistics actually) in an ad of theirs.

Gunner of No Quarters has an interesting perspective on the claims of tortured Iraqi's. It ties in nicely with the post immediately below it concerning cops enforcing laws that don't exist.

Thibodeaux of Say Uncle relates a tale that contains a very simple moral: don't tell the Marines something unless you really mean it. I also wouldn't start singing a certain Springsteen song around them - just in case.

Say Uncle (of SayUncle) points to a disturbing stat about stealing people's property in the nation's number 1 gun confiscation center crime free utopia.

Blake at The Nashville Files has a story about an ordinary person defending himself from a violent criminal & the "ig'nent" cop who missed a great chance to shut the hell up.

The Geek With A .45 tells us of the passing of a friend of the people. & while you're there be sure to congratulate the Geek on his escape to freedom (relatively speaking).

& mosey on over to Les Jones' bog & congratulate him & the Mrs. on the baby (probably) girl they're expecting. (well, that the Mrs.' is expecting.) Then check out his Thursday GunLinks feature.

Jen Lars has some interesting facts about the socialist bastard bad Roosevelt 32nd President's first (but unfortunately not last) inauguration. The most interesting part to me is that Hoover seemed to have impeccable taste. Shame the perception of his handling of the Depression & the treatment of the Bonus Army (also look here & here for more info on this tragic event) tilted the election against him.

& last but certainly not least Alphecca not only has his Weekly Check on the Bias up, but apparently has the potential to become quite the social butterfly on deserted islands. Probably has nothing to do with the ammo & skill & being an all around cool guy like most would think & more to do with his trained tactical attack cat Rainbow & her posse. Feel free to insert any lame "posse cat" joke you wish. I'm above that sort of thing (least while the girlfriend's cats are in the room staring me down like I owe them money).

& if that’s not enough reading for ya then check out the folks on my blogroll as well as the links that precede them.

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New blog home is looking nice.

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