February 13, 2013

HB 1226 passes first hurdle

Colorado HB 1226 passed out of committee on a vote of 7-6. You can find out about it here but it's pretty straightforward; it bans concealed carry permit holders from carrying on college campus. Lots of decent pro gun testimony, the anti's were talking about how irresponsible 18 year old binge drinking heroin addicts were (you have to be 21 to have a carry permit in Colorado), how guns made even brave, lion hearted professors feel uneasy, and something about domestic violence.

Oh, like last night, the anti's made a very big deal of Scalia saying (in Heller) that the 2nd allowed some restrictions, like background checks and bans on carry at schools. Claimed cause of that it was no imposition on the 2nd amendment, merely "reasonable regulations". I've heard more convincingly explanations from used car salesmen.

2 other bills going on now - a bill to nullify federal firearms laws and a bill to charge a fee for background checks. I'll try to update as I can.

Side note; some of the supporters of this ban on protection at college - and I mean the reps themselves, had a very condescending, downright smarmy tone during some of their questioning of witness. I can understand why the capital building has no hickory bushes outside - seems like a few of the reps are about 3 or 4 switchin's shy of being full growed.

Update 02-13-13 14:30 MST here's an article on the vote. turns out it was party line (I'm shocked). Also note the article makes an error: the bill for the background check tax being heard today doe snot impose a $10 tax - rather it leaves the CBI to determine the amount. The "universal background check bill" passed yesterday limits what an FFL can charge for a background check on a private sale to $10, but no dollar amount has been mentioned specifically in the background check tax bill.

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