February 13, 2013

The things congresscritters say

I'm paraphrasing...

"I disagree I think it is a service to yourself to pay for a background check because you would want to know if you were a criminal and wouldn't want to get a gun if you were - so this service benefits you..."

Rep. Court, trying to answer the query that since a fee covers the cost of a service, having a background check to buy a gun doesn't benefit the gun buyer at all does it?

I've heard some asinine arguments, but boy that comes close to the top...

If I can find a transcript I'll try to get the exact quote. as a friend said when I was explaining some of the dumbassedry that they use to justify these intrusions on our rights, "you mean they said that? out loud? where people could hear?"

guy asked if he heard right that Court said that it would be an exciting event to have a background check run, she replied (again I paraphrase...

"I meant it'd be a pleasure to have it recorded that you're not a criminal".

He replied, "well I kinda get excited about being innocent til proven guilty"


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" it would be an exciting event to have a background check run"

Well, yes, of course! It always thrills us to know that we please our masters!

Posted by: tkdkerry at February 21, 2013 10:30 AM
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