November 24, 2005

Californians Should Look At This

Via this thread at The High Road I found something interesting. There are some folks in Cali who are trying to get constitutional recognition of the Right to Arms. & no less than strict scrutiny review from the courts! lol...
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November 23, 2005

Papers Please

Zombyboy is on top of things. Seems in Denver if you don't show I.D. on demand you not only get removed from the bus, but you get arrested. But it's not just a Denver thing as these were federal cops...
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November 22, 2005

MSM Headlines

A headline proclaims "Iraq Bomber Kills 17; U.S. Toll at 2,100" So we've lost 2,100 troops in Iraq since we invaded. Let's do a little comparison....
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Defenseless Cesspool

D.C. for short. Via Of Arms & Law the proposal to weaken the D.C. ban on self defense has been stripped from the bill it was attached to. "Congress approved the District's 2006 budget yesterday, including more than $100 million...
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November 19, 2005

NAD 05

Today is National Ammo Day (I thought every day was...?) & coincidentally The Gun Guy's b-day. So go ye forth & do not come back till thou hast acquired, legally, as in by exchanging the coin of the realm for...
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November 16, 2005

Kidnapped By The State

Via Zombyboy. What was that Ayn Rand quote? "The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren't enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime...
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November 15, 2005

My Garand

I'm not entirely through tinkering with my Garand yet, but I'm close. Matter of fact I've done just about all I'm prepared to do myself, which means the rest will have to wait till I figure out which gunsmith I'm...
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Reader Survey Follow Up

I asked some questions last week & I got a few answers. All but two folks who answered my questions are in Cali. The exceptions are a gent from Massachusetts & another fellow who works in D.C. but lives in...
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Something Is Lacking In The Delivery

I was doing a search for a story I thought I heard on the radio the other day. It turns out I read about it from this The War On Guns post. Pizza Hut as well as Papa Johns, Domino's...
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November 08, 2005

More On Those Bloody Pirates

The more details I hear about the pirate attack on the cruise ship in African waters the more it'd be laughable if it weren't so damned serious....
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November 06, 2005

Reader Survey

I'm feeling a bit grumpy so I'm not going to phrase this as diplomatically as I could. Or should. Going over the referal logs I see a lot of people visit here from certain states. These are states which I...
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Alito's Avtomats

There were a lot of thing I wanted to do today. Writing this post, & more importantly reading the case law I have just read in order to write this post was not on my top ten list. But here...
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November 05, 2005

Bloody Pirates Again

Pirates have attacked a cruise ship off Africa's coast. "Pirates armed with grenade launchers and machine guns tried to hijack a luxury cruise liner off the east African coast Saturday, but the ship outran them, officials said. Two boats full...
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