March 10, 2007

More Parker Links

Jed of Freedomsight has posted a very thorough list of blogs that discuss the decision in Parker v. D.C.

For your convenience here's what some lawyers (or soon to be lawyers in the first instance) are saying about the decision:

Annika's Parker v. District of Columbia

Countertop's btw

Lyle Denniston's The Second Amendment: Is the Court interested?

David Hardy's Parker v. DC decision in pdf, DC handgun ban stricken by DC Circuit

Gene Healy's Banning The Ban

Jeralyn Meritt's D.C. Circuit Upholds Individual Right to Bear Arms

Glenn Reynolds' D.C. CIRCUIT STRIKES DOWN DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA GUN CONTROL LAW as a violation of the Second Amendment

The Volokh Conspiracy's (multiple authors) Parker v D.C. page.

To further add to your reading load, here's Gura & Possessky, P.L.L.C.'s page with the pleadings used so far in this case. (via How Appealing).

Finally here's the .pdf of the D.C. Court of Appeals decision in Parker v D.C.

I'll try to post some thoughts on the decision & it's potential consequences sometime soon. In the meantime you have all the afore-linked to peruse.

(Update: 03/11/07 07:20 MST put a misplaced link in the right place)

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