January 27, 2006

Carnaval De Les Garand

With so many responses I figure I had better just get to it.

The M1 Garand is considered antiquated by some (known as "heathens" round here) & revered by others (my people) but it's generally agreed upon that they're just plain fun to shoot. Those of us who own Garands tend to be proud of them, be they a match quality custom job or a beat up & scarred veteran of wars past. So here are some pics & links to pics of some bloggers & their Garands. Click on the thumbnails to have them open up in new windows. & if you didn't send yours in in time for this one, send them in anyway. I might do this again at some point.

Sailorcourt is first up.

"Pix of my 'Homeland Defense' weapon. Standard SHTF loadout of 240 rounds (30 clips), my two special two round clips used for high power rifle competition, the M3 Combination tool and a muzzle brake that came with it but I’ve never used."

Corsair, The Mostly Harmless comes next

"Here's a pick of my baby.. She's a 1941 Springfield (all matching except for Winchester trigger group) with a great bore. I almost hate to shoot it it's so pretty..."

That reminds me of Dean's Gun Restoration's motto: "Life's too short to shoot an ugly gun".

Denise of the Ten Ring has a very nice write up about hers & the Garand in general. A taste: "There nothing’s special about my M1 Garand, except that it’s mine. I guess it’s special after all."

Cowboy Bob sent a link to this pic with permission to use it. The pic is from this post of his.

Erik of Moral-Flexibility.net seems to be a man after my own heart - least gunsmithing wise.

CounterTop got his Garand a little while back. In fact he ordered his for B.A.G. day. Here's a range trip he took with it. & if you wonder if he's enjoying it just look at this post.

Next up are a few I took. This is co-blogger Iceberg shooting my Garand a few weeks ago.

Here he is at it again

It was his first time firing a Garand & his first chance to fire a rifle in a while. Needless to say he seemed to enjoy it & was shooting nice groups.

After I left Iceberg's place I mosied on down to Texas & these next few pics are from that range trip.

That's Kim du Toit firing my Garand.

Here's one of his targets. That's two clips (16 rounds total) .

Next is Robert Langham. These are of him shooting one of his Garands.

I'm still working on the posts for the range trips with Iceberg & the Texas crew (Kim du Toit & Robert Langham). Hopefully I'll have them up in the next week or two (in the meantime here's Kim du Toit's post about our outing). Quite a few pics were taken & part of the delay is that I'm just not positive which targets were shot by whom. So I don't know how Robert did when I took those pics, but here's one he did with my Garand.

The eight little holes around the deer's jaw & head are what Robert did.

& lest you think that he's only capable of such performance on paper here's one he sent me of his latest practical application of the M1.

"2005 shot with Garand and LC69 FMJ" In another e-mail with a more detailed pic he went a little further in depth "125 yards. Standard FMJ Ball Ammo. LC69 30-06. I put the front blade under her chin. Steady position and a good break on the trigger. The bullet hit lower than the aiming point, center front throat, exited the back of the neck, grazed the skin of the back until it cut a weird patch out over her kidneys. This was with one of the rack grade Springfield Garands bought last year. 325.00 at the time at the CMP North store."

Speaking of Texans & practical uses for Garands, here's one Robert sent me a while back showing that Yamamoto was right to hesitate in invading the u.S.

In fact I met the lady in the photo when I was down Robert's way. A very sweet lady & one who should not be trifled with.

Heartless Libertarian has one as well.

Libercontrarian has a nice write up with pics on a range trip that he, Wadcutter & myself took a while back. Of course there are shots of his Garand as well as mine. Here's another post he did on a range trip with Jed of FreedomSight.

Here's another one sent by Robert Langham. I don't think any explanation is necessary.

The Smallest Minority not only got a CMP Garand, but had it refinished & re-stocked.

Here's one Robert did for a Texas State Rifle Association calender.

David Codrea of The War On Guns is a Garand owner, but alas no pics or posts on the subject.

Robert knows all too well the meaning of Garanditus.

Benjamin of ReasonableNut has a post on one of his.

Another pic from Robert. He knows that a Garand is great for use against the enemy. & hunger is definitely an enemy.

In the comments to my post asking bloggers to send me pics of their Garands there were a few statements worth repeating.

"I'm not a blogger, but I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night (and I have a Garand)." - Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner

Heh. Course I never thought that Holiday Inns were that dangerous but better safe than sorry. :)

"Don't own a blog, but own a Garand. Will pass this to the oldest girl one day." - Outlaw 3

Back home we call that good parenting. I just hope someone starts making a "My daughter can outshoot your honor roll student at 600" bumper sticker.

That just about wraps it up. For more posts on things Garand I humbly submit my Garand archives. I will point out the post I did detailing what work I have done & could or will do to My Garand. I don't presume to have covered every aspect of Garandology but you may find some useful info there.

I'll leave you with another pic from Robert.

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Great timing. Actually took it to the NRA Range last night. Hit a 9 inch paper plate 28 out of 32 times standing at 50 yards.

Got to love that rifle.

Bang Bang Bang Bang
Bang Bang Bang Bang
. . . . . .PING!!!

Posted by: countertop at January 27, 2006 09:17 AM

Photo on the front page of the Dallas Morning News above the fold of happy Hamas demonstrators celebrating their election win in Gaza. The kid in the foreground is holding a restocked Garand with a Hamas bandana tied to it's barrel over his head.

Posted by: Robert at January 27, 2006 11:00 AM

I didn't send a link to the range report of my first experience with my M-1. Due to work and business travel and weather conditions and other excuses, I haven't had a chance to go to the rifle range since but I'm planning to soon. This weekend's already booked up but maybe next Saturday??? I'll post a report on my blog when I get a chance.

By the way, I still haven't gotten the SKS operating properly. I need a gas cutoff valve. I've got one on order through Numrich Gun Parts but they are backordered. If they don't come through soon, I'm going to try to find a good machinist that can make me one.

Posted by: Sailorcurt at January 27, 2006 11:39 AM

I'll have to take a good pic of mine and send it in.

Sailor, I was messing with one of those a while back. I'm thinking you mean the 59/66? I tried two different things that worked. Cut and shaped a thin piece of steel flat stock into a ring to fit into the groove on the end of the valve; tightened up the fit and worked. Then took a piece of small-diameter bronze brazing rod, made a ring and Dremeled it into a cone-washer, that worked well also. Then a guy at The High Road mentioned he'd used a thin washer from a carburetor rebuild kit to do the same thing; didn't fit into the groove, did tighten up the fit between the gas tube and valve/gas block.

Posted by: Mark at January 29, 2006 10:17 PM
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