August 17, 2005

Distinguished Reader Done Good

Nathan Hale Trophy (Civilian) 144 Langham, Robert (11928) Standing 93 - 1 Sitting 96 - 2 Prone RF 97 - 2 Prone SF 188 - 4 Aggregate 474 - 9

That's 144 out of 1030 competitors.

Daniel Boone Trophy (Overall) 228 Langham, Robert (11928)* (That aterisk by his competitor number means he's a Distinguished Shooter.)

That's 228 out of 1222 competitors.

The highest possible score in the National Match Course of fire is 500-50X. Robert's aggregate score of 474-9X is about 95% of what was possible. That puts his score solidly in the Master classification, which means he had an off day as he normally rates High Master. Still, not being anywhere close that that skill level I cannot say I'm not impressed by the fine work he did.

But that's not all. Robert also shoots on the Texas State Rifle Association Team. They finished 17th in the National Trophy Rifle Team Match (Overall). They placed 10th in the Soldier of Marathon Trophy (Civilian). Now if the name sounds familiar this is the same Texas State Rifle Association whose members trained the first batch of u.S. Army Squad Designated Marksmen in March of 2004 (.pdf & scroll down for the article). Do read that .pdf article as it's interesting as hell.

Once again I am humbled to have such a reader. Not just because of his skill with a rifle (though thatis impressive) but because of the time & effort he has devoted to helping others become more proficient.

Robert also sent some pics he took of the Nationals. With his comments here they are in the extended entry:

"Here's Martin Born, a contract painter from Sidney who has spent the whole National Match schedule as a volunteer. He did get to shoot the Garand and Springfield Matches. He's standing next to Rick Crawford, the Texas State Rifle Association Highpower Rifle Director. I met some other Aussies who where shooting....and drinking after hours. They borrowed ARs from some of the Texans from Houston. Martin was a hell of a guy."

"Whistler Boy Firing line. Shooting the 600 yard line at Camp Perry. This is roughly half of the kids."

"Not all of the Whistler Boys are boys. A firing member of the Texas Team."

"You just gotta admire a kid who looks like this. I have no idea who's boy this is, or what state he was from, but I have a feeling he's got game."

"Whistler Boy: You just gotta love it."

"California Whisler Boy girl"

"The incomperable Kyle Ward of the AMU coaching a Texas Whistler Boy team while they pair-fire at 200 standing."

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I'm the worst shot of anyone I know. I didn't make the Presidents 100, barely made the LEG match cut-off, was low man on my team, did shoot like a house-afire in the Infantry Trophy Team match, was so-so in the Rumbold Team match, sucked in the individual NRA Championship, (15 points under my average). I did shoot better every string with a Tubb gun in the Long Range, finishing just 13 points down in the Palma match.
Of course, you have to drop ONE point in the Palma to be thinking about winning....
Oh well. Next year. It's a humbling sport. I certainly shot all those shots.

Posted by: Robert at August 18, 2005 07:26 AM
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