August 12, 2005

A Good Day

In this post I related the tale of an 84 year old Indianan who had his revolver stolen from him by the D.A. after he used it in justifiable self defense. If you scroll down to the bottom of the comments a lady named Nancy said that the cops returned his firearm shortly after the newspaper article was printed. Not told him he could come & get it, but (from her account) swung by his house & handed it to him.

Miss Nancy says she's Mr. Birtwhistle's sister. She ended by thanking me for my support of her brother. That's a mistake; it's us who should be (& hopefully have been) thanking Mr. Birtwhistle. After all, he's the one who went through an ordeal & most importantly took action. At the time it may have seemed like it was for his own self interest, but I doubt any here amongst us would dare argue that taking a person out of society that would accost & attempt to kill an elderly man is not a public service.

I am hoping that Miss Nancy simply forgot to mention that that sunuvabitch Schaffer was escorted to return said revolver & after doing so had to walk back to his office to clean out his desk while he waited to see how many indictments the grand jury would return, but I fear my hopes are in vain.

Still, an outstanding citizen had his property returned to him & is now a little more confident in being able to provide for his own defense. That's a good day in my book. Not a great day, but in absence of greatness good will do.

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Yippee! That's good news there. Thanks.

Posted by: gunner at August 12, 2005 07:30 PM

Thanks for the update on this story.

Posted by: TF Stern at August 16, 2005 07:18 PM
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