August 09, 2005

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Carnival of Cordite #24

Carnival of Liberty VI

No Weekly Check on the Bias for you, but Jeff always has interesting content anyway, so go read.

Say Uncle tells the tale of a man killed in a no-knock raid for marijuana.

Old Skool points out that Specter is whining about SCOTUS telling the government that they have to abide by the constitution. In related news Les Jones points out an interesting Zell Miller quote regarding the Democrats, which isn't far from being applicable to the Republicans in light of Specter's whining & the gun control support of a possible republican challenger to Hillary (as pointed out by Mr. Codrea). But Mr. St. Clair points out there's at least one fellow with an "R" beside his name who gets it.

Heartless Libertarian points out some of the technical errors concerning firearms in a prime time T.V. show.

Wadcutter gives an after action report of the Colorado Gunbloggers Meet-up (v 1.0).

Underwhelmed gives us a report (with pics!) of Bloggershoot #2.

I'm not a morning person. For me to shoot in a High Power Match it usually involves getting up at some hour when I'd normally be trying to go to sleep. But there may be hope for those days when I just can't roll out of bed. I just ordered the NRA High Power Competition game for PC (A friend of mine was supposed to help me show restraint in the matter, but she has failed). I first found out about it over at Say Uncle's place. I'll thank him now with a reservation; such thanks will be retracted if said game proves too addicting & my life suffers proportionately. Similarly said friend who failed in her task of preventing me from buying said video game will receive little help from me the next time she needs someone to pull her out of Barnes & Noble (like I can pull myself out of there before doing damage to my finances). While it's certainly no substitute for the real thing it seems like a fun way to pass some time when you can't be out shooting matches. The manual for the game seems cool all by itself. It even includes information on the rules for the real world game as well as a brief history. I'll let you know more once it arrives & I mess around with it some - purely for the purpose of letting you good folks know how it stacks up. Ah, the things one must put one's self through for the purpose of keeping an audience informed. :D

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