March 18, 2013

Governor To Sign Bills On Wednesday

A spokesman said that Governor Hickenlooper will sign 3 anti-gin owner bills on Wednesday.

This is the contact form for his office email. This should be his email address: His office phone number is (303) 866-2471 This is his facebook page. This should be his Twitter account.

RMGO recommends contacting the governor's staff as well:

Roxane White - Chief of Staff
(303) 866-2471 Email:

Lorez Meinhold - Senior Policy Advisor
(303) 866-5856 Email:

Doug Young - Senior Policy Advisor
(303) 866-5465 Email:

If you can, contact all of the above and make sure the governor knows you want him to veto all the anti gun owner bills: HB 1224 (the magazine ban) HB 1229 (the universal background check bill), HB 1228 (the background check tax), HB 1043 (changes definition of a deadly weapon to any firearm even when not being used) and any others that come across his desk.

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