March 13, 2013

Final Vote On 24 And 29

Today the Colorado house will have a final vote on two gun owner control bills: HB 1224 and HB 1229.

Here's the link to the Colorado Channel's general assembly page, if you care to watch the proceedings. The session will start at 9 a.m. MDT, but I'm not sure at what point they'll take up those 2 anti gun owner bills.

HB 1229 is the universal background check bill. It passed the house a few weeks ago 36-29. That'd be all the republicans and 1 democrats voting against it.
HB 1224 is the magazine capacity limit bill. It passed the house 34-31 a few weeks ago. That'd be 28 republicans and 3 democrats voting against it.

If I understand things correctly, there'll be some form of limited debate betwixt the representatives but no amendments can be offered; this will be a simple yes or no vote on each bill respectively. If they pass they'll go to the governor's desk to be signed or vetoed. If they fail they'll be gone.

Neither bill is acceptable to live under, but I still maintain that the universal background check law has the broadest implications nationally. A very similar universal background check bill is in the federal senate, and passage of this law in gun friendly Colorado may shore up wavering support for the senate bill at the federal level, or at least bolster similar efforts in other states.

Oh they'd try to do the same with the magazine capacity limit bill, but the background check idea would get more support from democrats in districts where gun owners vote, and perhaps even get some republicans to go along with it. The background check bill is the centerpiece; it's the camels nose trying to get further under the tent. That's why Obama and Bloomberg want it so badly, and it's why it's so important for us to stop it on the state level as well as federal.

So call/write/tweet/carrier pigeon/etc. the reps listed in the post below, as well as your own rep. Tell them to vote no on both anti-gun owner bills. Then do the same with the governor.

These bills are not yet law, so it's not over yet.

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