March 12, 2013

It Still Ain't Over Til It's Over

At least one Colorado house dem may change his mind on a gun owner control bill:

"...The Senate amended the bill, and it must go back to the House, where one Democrat who supported it earlier now says he's undecided on it.

Rep. Mike McLachlan, D-Durango, who proposed the amendment in the House that increases the bill's limit from 10 to 15 rounds, on Monday said he's undecided as to whether he'll again support the measure as it returns to the House, where it passed on a 34-31 vote. The bill needs 33 votes to pass in the House.

'I haven't made up my mind on it,' McLachlan said."

That means it may be possible to sway him and 1 other dem to stop this bill (assuming everyone else votes the way they did when they passed it out of the house).

Rep Mike McLachlan HD59: (303) 866-2914 - Facebook - Twitter

(I'm not that familiar with facebook but from what I can see the comments on his page are running 11:1 against the mag ban. Just sayin')

RMGO (via email) has a list of reps to contact who they think may be persuadable:

Rep. Pete Lee –HD18- (303) 866-2932 – Facebook - Twitter

Rep. Mike McLachlan –HD59- (303) 866-2914 – Facebook - Twitter

Rep. Diane Mitsch Bush –HD26- (303) 866-2923 – Facebook

Rep. Dominick Moreno –HD32- (303) 866-2964 – Facebook - Twitter

Rep. Brittany Pettersen –HD28- (303) 866-2939 – Facebook - Twitter

Rep. Max Tyler –HD23- (303) 866-2918 – Facebook - Twitter

Rep. Joe Salazar –HD31- (303) 866-2951 – Facebook - Twitter

And I'd add another one to the list:

Gov. John Hickenlooper: (303) 866-2471 Contact page (with email form)

If I'm reading this .pdf calender right, the house will vote on HB 1229 - the universal background check bill - today. I couldn't find mention of any of the other anti gunowner bills, and checking the live feed it looks like the house is not in session as of this writing.

There is still time to write, call comment or tweet these reps and the governor. Tell them to vote no on all the gun owner control bills - HB 1229, the universal background check bill, HB 1224, the magazine capacity limit bill, SB 197, the "baby lauternberg" bill, and SB 195, the bill that prohibits online training for concealed carry permits. And tell the governor to not sign HB 1228, the background check tax, or any of the other anti gunowner bills.

It's not over. These bills aren't law yet.

Posted by Publicola at March 12, 2013 10:34 AM | TrackBack

McLachlan is lying about the magazine limit. He voted against the amendment to raise it to 30 rounds.

Posted by: SPQR at March 14, 2013 09:32 PM

If I recall, there was an amendment to raise it to 31 rounds, and an amendment to raise it to 15. I'm sure he voted against the 31 round limit, but I do believe he proposed & voted to bring it up to 15.

Posted by: Publicola at March 14, 2013 09:47 PM
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