March 06, 2013

Hudak Is Sorry Alright

That video speaks for itself. (h/t The Dana Show). In watching the committee hearings here in Colorado that sort of arrogance, contempt and disregard for the "peasants" has been all too common with our public servants. But there is more:

Public servant Hudak (D-Westminster) claimed to have apologized privately to miss Collins. Collins was not convinced of the sincerity of the apology. And perhaps with good reason:

"In her Tuesday statement, Hudak said: 'Amanda was reflecting on her experience and asked the committee if having a gun would have made her safer. I realize now it was a rhetorical question. Amid this emotional testimony, my goal was to share research data about the increased danger of having a gun in an assault."

Note that public servant Hudak presumes to be on a first name basis with miss Collins now. So why didn't she realize it was a rhetorical question then?

"A source who attended the committee hearing, noted that during the emotional rape testimony of several survivors, other legislators appeared to be somewhat emotional; whereas, Hudak never looked up from texting and/or her computer screen."

Also there's a pic that was allegedly taken during Miss Collins' testimony.

She, being the Most Reverend Senator, was simply too busy texting to bother listening to some drivel from a peasant about a crime no one could have prevented. Upon reflection her lecturing said peasant on statistics was not well received and could cause her some discomfort politically, so she apologized.


Public servant Hudak was not sorry for her remarks, she was sorry for the consequences. She was sorry for giving more evidence of how the anti gun owner politicians (mainly on the left) view women. See Rep. Salazar's rape comments, and Biden's claims that an AR-15 is too hard for a woman to use.

To be fair, this is just an extension of how the anti gun owner politicians view all of us, man and woman alike: wards to be taken care of and provided for by the state. A person's defense should be the state, in the form of the police, not personal action. Where it comes out particularly misogynistic is that they are really surprised that women don't know their place - not as inferior to men (mostly) but as wards, not free individuals. (not that there's not a measure of disrespect for women by some politicians on the left, but I think that's a consequence of power seekers in general, and the left tends to have more abject power seekers than the right from what I've seen, though neither side is perfect).

Public servant Hudak isn't sorry for her remarks. Nor is she sorry for her worldview. She's sorry that someone, especially a victim (which ranks 2nd highest in the left's Pantheon, next to elected officials of course) was actually offended by her words enough to bother her directly about it.

Here's public servant Evie Hudak's website. From that website here's public servant Hudak's contact info.

If you take umbrage at her tone, her statement and her condescending, disrespectful treatment of Miss Collins, let her know. Especially if you live in her district and plan to vote in 2014 based on her remarks.

As an aside, I'd think this kind of scandalous behavior would make her ripe for a primary challenge, if not a recall. I know a lot of ladies who live in her district and they take offense to anyone saying, in effect, "oh honey, you're just a silly little girl. You can't stop a man. So just lay back and enjoy it while your betters do what is best for you". They'll vote with that in mind, and they'll turn out in droves. if the dems are smart they'd censure her, then actively support any primary challenger. If they're not smart, that's one seat the repubs should have an easy time securing in 2014.

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Yup, there is a real War on the NannyDems, who know what's best for their ignorant little subjects.

Once in a while they tip their hand like this...but in the land of the "blind" press, Obama and his minions reign...will enough people see and hear this to affect Hudak's re-election chances in the Californicated Denver suburb of Westminster?

Posted by: Kalashnikat at March 6, 2013 04:14 PM