March 03, 2013

Senate Hearings Tomorrow

Michael Bane as well as Billlls Idle Mind both have posts up concerning the Colorado Senate committee hearings tomorrow. As pointed out by Jed in a comment over at Billlls place, they're shipping in Mark Gifford's Kelly to testify in favor of the universal background check bill. Mr. Bane noted that the hearing time has been changed, from 1:30 p.m. MST to 10:30 a.m. MST.

Also the time allotted has been reduced from 2 hours per side to an hour and a half per side, which is the third change in so many days. This is pure abject speculation on my part but I would not be surprised if the time was reduced because they only had enough witness for the gun owner control bills to last an hour and a half at 3 minutes apiece, and it just wouldn't look good if they ran out of gun owner control supporters when there's going to be no shortage of gun owner control opponents ready to air their grievances.

The hearings will be split between two committees, but it should be possible for everyone who wishes to testify to sign up for both. Again it's speculation but it would seem to me that the hearings are being set up to add some measure of discouragement to those wishing to speak against the bills; changing the times then limiting the time allotted for testimony, etc.

It should also be mentioned that the magazine capacity limit bill would ban most pump action shotguns. Even the press is noticing that the "assault weapons" liability bill has some serious legal as well as political problems. Hickenlooper is non-committal on it and a few democrat senators are not on board either. In the Senate we only need 3 dems to vote against any of the bills to stop them. But there's still pressure from D.C. (h/t Shall Not Be Questioned), so it's not a given that we have any dems on our side.

Which means it's important to contact your senator, especially if said senator is a dem. e-mail, call, hit them up on facebook, twitter, hell send a carrier pigeon if you have one. I expect the hearings will be just a show a la dog and pony, but don't let that deter you; if you're able show up and voice your opposition to all of these anti-gun owner bills.

Whatever bills get passed out of committee could be up for a floor vote as early as this week. If any bills are amended (either in committee or on the senate floor) there'll be some sort of reconciliation process, though admittedly the details of such a maneuver escape me. The point is, despite things looking dire, it's not over yet. So do what you can.

Update: 03-04-13 7:35 a.m. MST Somehow I typed the wrong surname for the astronaut that's coming to town to push for more gun owner control. Fixed. (This makes the second factual error I've made in the last few posts [typos excluded of course]. I suppose now I'm qualified for that editing position at the New York Times.)

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