February 13, 2013

HB 1228 passes first hurdle

Colorado HB 1228 passed on a vote of 7-6. There's more on the bill here but to sum it up it's the background check tax bill. It heads to the committee on appropriations next. .

There was some interesting commentary during the hearing, but I don't think anyone was really swayed. There was mention of caps to keep the CBI from upping the fees without oversight, but they decided that'd best be handled during the debates on the bill when it reaches the floor. And I do believe it hits the appropriations committee first before it goes to the floor. Appropriations deals solely with the financial aspects of bills, so it's mainly a formality unless some dire conflict with existing law or constitutional provision is discovered.

From what I understand, all 4 anti gun owner bills will be debated in the house on Friday. No public testimony, just debates amongst the 37 dems and 28 repubs. Then on Monday there'll likely be a final vote.

So if you're in Colorado, calling, writing, sending candygrams - whatever - would be the thing to do to make sure your house rep knows you want these defeated.

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