February 11, 2013

Bill It To The Head

Things will start to get a bit tense this week. Some of the anti gun owner bills in Colorado will be in committee. Michael Bane has declared a Colorado Emergency. There are also a few pro gun bills in committee. I'll give a run down in the extended entry.

We've already lost on one bill: Colorado HB 1043 passed out of committee last week. What it does is alter the definition of deadly weapon in Colorado law. Currently it's a firearm, knife, bludgeon, etc., that is used or is intended to be used to cause bodily harm or death. HB 1043 makes any firearm a deadly weapon despite its use or intent. It was passed 8-3, with 1 republican (Bob Gardner) voting for it. The 3 "no" votes were all republican. Now it goes to the House where there'll be a floor vote on it.

The Colorado House Judiciary Committee has a pro-gun bill to consider this Thursday; HB 1085. It'd reduce the class of persons prohibited from possessing weapons by making only violent felonies (including burglary and arson) cause for being prohibited from possessing weapons.

Before that, they'll have hearings on Tuesday on 2 anti gun owner bills; HB 1224 (the magazine capacity bill) and HB 1229 (the "universal" background check/centralized registration bill).

Then (as if my week wasn't interesting enough - and I hate interesting) the House Finance committee will hear how evil gun owners aren't paying for the bullets used to execute them having their Right to own weapons questioned, and how HB 1228 (the background check tax bill) is the only reasonable solution. Meanwhile the House Education committee (now there's an oxymoron for ya) will hear HB 1226 (which bans carry on campus). Both of those happen on Wednesday.

Also on Wednesday, over in the Senate State, Veterans and Military Affairs committee, they'll hear about SB 140, which will nullify any new federal firearms laws in Colorado and make any feds attempting to enforce such laws subject to arrest.

The rest of the pro gun bills (including Constitutional Carry) will be heard next week. As of right now the rest of the dems gun control package hasn't been introduced, but they'll likely spew it forth this week.

Check out Michael Bane's piece for some suggestions on what to do. He recommends showing up at the Capitol building in Colorado on Tuesday and Wednesday to voice opposition to the anti gun owner bills. I'd append that while you're there, voice support for the pro gun bills being heard on Wednesday and Thursday. And stop by RMGO's page. They have details of a raffle to give away a grenade Glock as well as a get together with John Lott up in Greeley. RMGO has been doing yeoman's work in trying to get pro gun bills passed and anti gun owner bills defeated, so any support you can show them wold be a very cool thing.

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