April 30, 2007

Anybody Listening?

My favorite Queensryche tune. (Vid here, though it's edited down a bit from the album version). Rarely have I felt a song to be more applicable to my life & temperament (& perhaps you'd find it's just as appropriate for you). It is perhaps the most lucid epitome of a musicians' frustration with the world (though not so exclusive that only musicians can identify with it), & possibly with himself; denying one dream to pursue another, second guessing his choices, etc., all the while longing to just escape with someone whom he feels some sense of belonging or partnership with. Plus I've always had a fondness for nautical symbolism, & to a lesser degree theatrical symbolism & this song has them both without over-doing it. Those things alone would make the tune high on my list, but musically & lyrically I think it'd withstand an unbiased listen . Musically it's a bit gentler & more introspective than Queensryche might be known for, but it's so nicely pieced together that it still retains the qualities that make their sound unique. The lyrics (which you'll find here) are direct yet alluding in spots while still being artistic. Just click the link & listen to the tune.

I admit that my internal motivation for blogging (among other things) left me some months back. I'm not quite sure where I'd fit on Say Uncle's stages of blogging scale (I think between 6 & 9 someplace, though it's possible that I'm still stuck on 2) but I don't think I'm writing for myself anymore (most bloggers proclaim that they write to entertain themselves, not necessarily you, & such was the case with me). I'm not writing for a mass audience or posterity either (though occasionally I'll have glimpses of those) & I don't care too much about being linked by the bigger dogs on the block (though I don't shun it either - I'm genuinely apathetic about it). I think I'm writing for someone but I'm not sure who that person is, or was, or if such person even would read my scribblings. Hence it seems my internal motivation was replaced by an external one. Tomes could probably be written about the pitfalls of such situations but I'm not really that into self exploration at the moment, let alone expanding on any findings from it. I'm just mentioning all this because some days it's harder to remember the reasons for breaking out my unorthodox typo typing skills when my time seems so damn limited & I'm not sure if I'm reaching my target audience, whoever the hell that is.

I was feeling a bit frustrated as I'm still going through a time crunch (which I find a bit ironic since I still have no life to speak of & occasional bouts of insomnia seem to lengthen my available hours) & my dearly beloved PC locked up. In the process of re-booting I lost about 2 hours worth of work. In an effort to dispel my annoyance I decided to look around for a bit & discovered something yet unknown to modern man or feline.

First we see a feline with a mousegun (scroll down), now it's a cat with a poodle-shooter (h/t Say Uncle). I just don't know what this world is coming to. I have it on reliable authority that F. catus prefers the AK. In some cases they like bolt action rifles to take advantage of their fondness for heights (making for their natural inclination towards becoming Scouts & Snipers when called to martial duties) as well as their skills at camouflage:

but generally they shun the more varmint oriented rigs. I'll show you:

See? That's clearly an AK on the kitty's back.

& here:

That's definitely an AK. But they seem to dig Steyr Scouts too:

So what is it with giving cats underpowered weapons? It's obvious their preference lies towards more effective weapons, isn't it? Or perhaps spies have infiltrated the ranks of the felines? It wouldn't be the first time it's happened ya know...

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